Grow Up Fast

If we will meet again, will this obsession fade with time? I can’t fast forward or rewind my life. All I can do is wait for reality to unfold  and reveal our destinies. 

(Ah! My Goddess – Ah! Urd’s Little Romance)

Published 6 June 2011


Going Digital…


I always thought that I won’t be able to draw digitally… I have no tablet nor Wacom… With the aid of Adobe Illustrator, I tried drawing with the Pen and Brush tools using mouse. I’m still learning the software and adjusting to its interface…. Blame me not, I never used this software before!!! Stress relief!!! Good grief, my first drawing isn’t that bad…

I Miss My Captain


If you were me, you’ll surely whack the face of Mr Old Grumpy Leech…. I’ve never known anyone grumpier than the dwarf, Grumpy.  Got the nerve with his unfinish business and showed up in my class with that face!!!! Can you define respect????

I slept on my trip to school… The teacher asked about the assessment and only HIM crossed my mind…. the one whom cheer me up and never fails to make me laugh.


Oh, my Captain! I truly miss you!!! Can you hit his always long face with your fist? What a lame bastard who doesn’t respect women with low self-esteem and tons of insecurities.  Boss, put a spy cam and find out for yourself who always talk at the phone everyday and complain a lot…. See for yourself who delays the job!!!


And so my plan is to create an animation based upon you… I will do my best, my Captain!  Help me, Lord!


Xoxo… nyt… nyt… miss you and see u again… xoxo
Let’s tango… luv u lots♡♥ Mwaahhhh☆♡★

I Miss My Captain


If you were me, you’ll surely whack the face of Mr Old Grumpy Leech…. I’ve never known anyone grumpier than the dwarf, Grumpy.  Got the nerve with his unfinish business and showed up in my class with that face!!!! Can you define respect????

I slept on my trip to school… The teacher asked about the assessment and only HIM crossed my mind…. the one whom cheer me up and never fails to make me laugh.


Oh, my Captain! I truly miss you!!! Can you hit his always long face with your fist? What a lame bastard who doesn’t respect women with low self-esteem and tons of insecurities.  Boss, put a spy cam and find out for yourself who always talk at the phone everyday and complain a lot…. See for yourself who delays the job!!!


And so my plan is to create an animation based upon you… I will do my best, my Captain!  Help me, Lord!


Xoxo… nyt… nyt… miss you and see u again… xoxo
Let’s tango… luv u lots♡♥ Mwaahhhh☆♡★

So Many Possibilities

All these possibilities
Oh these possibilities
Are written in the stars
We are who we are baby
And I can’t help but think that possibly
There’s possibility

If I expected or foretold this, I won’t be here experiencing the hurricane and sickness in my heart. I won’t thirst for something I won’t have or dreaming to satisfy the hunger rooted within. If I knew how everything will turn up, I would walk away or ignored you on that particular night. Likewise, what we didn’t know that there was more to it. So, it lingers in my heart and resides forevermore. With God, possibly there’s possibility . The most important thing is to true to myself for everything that happened was my weakness which made me the strongest. Now, whatever you’ll give…

Like my awesome bro idol Barney always said


and ‘it will be


Certified fanatic and obsessed with Gray and Juvia…. Love Gray forever!!! Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.



ごめんなさい (Gomennasai-SORRY)

Are still there tears left inside my tired eyes?

Can you find me at the bottom of nowhere?

Can you lit up the torch in my darkness?

Does my wound makes me bleed to death?

What a shame! Can I show my face to you again?

If I were a zombie, I will feel nothing at all!

If I go on with the fight, will I own the prize?

Why am I still clinging at yesterday’s remembrance?

How beautiful were the days you made me smile!

Those were the times when I was contented

Why can’t you give me the chance and the time?

I’m no longer sad, and I’m not crying anymore…

Yet, at times, it’s so lonely for I miss you so much

Definitely this sucks… I  want to die in order to forget—

Still a portion of me is courageous, “I want to live!

I’ll survive for I’m not born into this world to be alone!

My apologies for I kept on knocking at your door

There were times I disrupted your merrymaking

Such a disturbance, an annoying hag you want to get rid 

I’m sorry for I can’t stop on missing you 

Everyday seems empty for you can’t be reached

A broken arrow travelling with no direction

I’m deeply sorry for not stopping myself

Crooked dreams with big holes and loose ends

And forgive me if I still pray for your success…

I am definitely sorry for I’m being true to myself

Sorry that I take out the shield of my heart

It’s never your fault for this risk I willingly take—

Have you finally found your place?

One day,  you’ll fulfill all your ambitions

I’ll celebrate your achievements in my silence

Sorry, if I can’t help thinking of you, my friend

Your image is still kept safely in the locker of my heart

Sorry, if my sketch of you is not good enough!

Don’t worry, I’ll try for I’ll never fall wrongly again —

All my apologies for all the errors I can’t comprehend!

by Nirvana “All Apologies”

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You Were Right…

gary spongebob

I was wrong and I messed up.  However, I am not giving up nor quitting.  So, help me God! Perhaps, I am blind but I would do everything to change your mind.  I’m one strange and queer girl, you know.  I’m too cool if I’ll forget because we both know that I’ll never ever erase you in my head.  I always have backup files—  Forgive me for what I have not done 😦

gary animated

You’re my king and you rock my world.  You’re very very beautiful.  It’s so sad without you or feeling you— I cry each day even while doing this—- 😦   Even if you were cold and rough, you mean more to me—


“And now my heart is beating like the saddest metronome
Somewhere I hope you’re reading my latest three-word poem”

alone spongebob

The weather is freezing and I want to have a cup of coffee but it will taste great if I’ll share it with you again.  I awfully miss you…. really, really, really bad…. and wanna tell, you were right!!!

cyring spongebob

Spongebob Squarepants’ Song

gary come home

The day will come. You will.

gary and spongebob

graveyard duty over… i’m off to bed with you—- in my dreamland 😉

Count Your Blessings

boa hancock_sad

My phone rang just now.  My instinct convinced me not to pick it up but I have to for I am obliged.  This time, I am not at home kneeling in front of the altar.  I am out smelling the morning’s fresh scent.  As I strolled on the dark road, I am humming with the mynas. Yet, I couldn’t deny the my happiness is incomplete.  I still needed to settle something.  I worried about money.  A lot of people are asking me money.  And so this experienced me thought to be tough and wiser.  

boa hancock_depress


I am disappointed but I closed my eyes and thanked God.  In spite of all unsettled dues and unreliable people, I just took a deep breath.  As my sister always said, ‘Don’t mind about them just count your blessings’.  I don’t need assistance but I need your comfort… if only how it used to be didn’t change, I would still probably hear you at the other end encouraging and scolding me (in a good way).  You would probably say, “I told you so”.

good morning love

chopper cute

chopper cute_ playing

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When Will He Call Me?

When will he call me?
When will it ring?
Sometimes I think my sanity is hangin’ by a shoestring

candace and jeremy

When will he call me?
How long is soon?
Should I check my watch, my calendar, all faces of the moon?

candace and jeremy2

He doesn’t have to call
He can e-mail or text me
He shouldn’t do this
He should know how it affects me
Finding my inbox empty
It really really wrecks me

candace and jeremy3

When will he call me?
(Oh woah woah! )
When will he call meee?
When will he call me?
Should I check my watch, my calendar, all faces of the moon

candace and jeremy4

“When Will He Call Me?” lyrics from Phineas and Ferb



xoxo good night xoxo luv u more xoxo


Send Me Your Kisses


Your sweetest smiles
I always carry with me
Even if I am miles away
Then, I wish for your kisses
The touch of your soft lips

Kiss me tonight and tomorrow
I want you to kiss me
Every hour and everyday
Yet, we’re ocean apart
So, send me your kisses!!!


Send me your kisses
For I miss you so much
I love you now and more
How about my kisses?
I will wait… I always will…

Thank you for existing and for everything you’ve done for me…

I truly miss u… I honestly love u… hope to fast forward my life and see u again..

miss u so much … gggg…


by Avril Lavigne “Kiss Me”

Published on: Oct 6, 2013 @ 23:05

Moments with Z

One Piece Movie Z_ Straw hats pirates

One Piece on big screen was something any anime lover should not miss…  It was a great movie and its actions would never be outdated and the humor was still there.  Well, there was a little drama that could move anyone’s hearts.  The movie itself and what happened next… everything was unforgettable… consider one of those memorable moments and experience only with  Z.  

Read more about One Piece Film Z in

“People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That’s how they define “reality”. But what does it mean to be “correct” or “true”? Merely vague concepts their “reality” may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?”- Itachi (One Piece Film ‘Z’)

One Piece Song by Aokiji Kaku Katariki (this is my fave song in the movie)

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Talking to a Banana

talking to a banana
Am I overjoyed to willingly talk to someone in order to express my happiness? Am I totally devastated to shout my turmoil out? So many feelings bursting inside me. I just finished eating ice cream to just let it be— For chrissake, I wanted to call,  there’s a celebration today. I heard my neighbors making a lot of noises outside our flat. I am supposed to go to church in the afternoon but when I saw all stores empty, I changed my mind. Here I go again… I wanted to talk… I wanted to talk… I grabbed something and literally talking to the air pretending to use a phone… Hey, I made a dumb try via banana phone!!! lol…. Hilarious, indeed. People turn to their  silly habits just to express themselves. If only this banana phone, got line… perhaps, I could reach out the person whom I intended to call and share whatever I am feeling inside.
banana phone
friends again

i love you

i want you

you have a nice butt


xoxo luv u more xoxo

by Minions (Despicable Me 2) “Banana Song”

You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart


No matter how I guarded my heart and even I proclaimed “no entry”, you’re just one sharp shooter who hits the bull’s eye of my heart.  You always know your way into… a clever and beautiful friend… and this tune from the toon really suits me…

I should’ve known
From how I felt
When we were together
And even more when we were apart
You tiptoed in
And you got under my skin
You snuck your way right into my heart

I put up barriers
To shield my emotions
A wall that you could never break apart
But like a ninja of love
Repelling down from above
You snuck your way right into my heart
Oh yeah

(, ost “Phineas and Ferb”)

tap on my dooru meanimages via Tumbler

Phineas and Ferb “You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart”

You’re My Secret, Darling

I am not doing anything but it is not a good life and too much relaxing bores me and makes my skills useless.  I am still brave and optimistic even if a super typhoon is on the way few hours later… It’s all over the news and flights are cancelled and ports are closed. Classes and offices are suspended tomorrow until Friday.  There are many establishments that will be closed.

According to PAG-ASA, the coming typhoon is ‘delubyo’, translated as deluge meaning a great amount of rainfall.  Perhaps for the coming days, communication might be down… I’ll say my greetings now…

    Good night, darling

(Music by Seal “Secret”)
I’m relief that you’re fine… 🙂 It’s a blessing in disguise that reading is not for you and good thing you’re so occupied with your job. (Images from anime “Bakuman”, I edited this photo poem especially for you 😉 )

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So Cute Yet From Deadly

What I don’t know with the ones I loved, shocked me to my spines… Is it real or what??? I used to watch its movie on big screen and collected all characters, and I had them as my pillow last time… Well, I was so primitive then that I failed to browse on the web for more info…


Each of the main characters in Spongebob Squarepants was inspired by one of the seven deadly sins.


This surprising revelation was made in the audio commentary included with the episode “Plankton!” on the DVD boxset of the show’s first season. The disc does not establish which characters match up with each sin, but as an avid Spongebob fan, I believe the comparisons are fairly straightforward:

1. Greed (Mr. Krabs) – this is by far the most obvious comparison that can be made. The avarice of Eugene Krabs is made painfully clear throughout the series. He is constantly thinking of ways to turn a profit, even if it involves taking advantage of his friends or putting them in harmful situations! In one episode, he sings a song called “If I Could Talk to Money”…and there’s even a wiki page devoted to compiling all of his greedy plans!

2. Envy (Plankton) – another no brainer. With all of Krabs’ wealth and good fortune, there has been an equal amount of hard luck and failure for his archrival, Sheldon Plankton. Plankton owns a struggling restaurant called “The Chum Bucket” and is consumed with the desire to achieve the success of his adversary. His life’s goal is to steal the Krabby Patty formula from his Krabs and drive his primary competitor out of business.

3. Sloth (Patrick) – the guy lives under a rock for crying out loud! If that isn’t enough to convince you, in the episode “Big Pink Loser” Patrick is given an award for ‘doing absolutely nothing longer than anyone else’. He then proceeds go back under his rock to protect his title.

4. Pride (Sandy) – the fact that Sandy Cheeks is from Texas alone should almost suffice for this one. She is a squirrel that is very proud of her heritage, so much so that in one episode she nearly moved back home! Sandy also takes a great deal of satisfaction in being the only land critter living down in Bikini Bottom among all the fishy folk. Though generally a good-natured individual, Sandy is quick to spout off about the greatness of the Lone Star state or to show off her athleticism in a karate match or a weightlifting contest.

5. Wrath (Squidward) – Squidward Tentacles has no qualms about expressing his negative outlook on life, whether it be by describing how much he hates his job at the Krusty Krab or through outward disdain for his two obnoxious neighbors. He is portrayed as a general failure who refuses to acknowledge his own personal flaws. This constant self-denial manifests itself in a sarcastic sense of humor and resentment toward the society that doesn’t ‘appreciate’ his creativity and clarinet…erm…”skills”.

6. Gluttony (Gary) – now this one’s a bit trickier. Those who have watched a great deal of the series will have noticed a number of jokes about Spongebob having to remember to feed his pet snail. To be honest, Gary doesn’t do a whole lot besides eating and meowing, and the meowing is often due to the fact that he is hungry. Once when Spongebob hadn’t fed his pet, Gary is shown eating parts of their couch! In another episode, Gary runs away from home because Spongebob forgot to feed him for a while. Another time when Spongebob had amnesia, Gary ate a year’s supply of snail food and became morbidly obese! This proves beyond a doubt that when left to his own devices, Gary would rather do nothing but eat.

7. Lust (Spongebob) – our final analogy is probably the least apparent because we typically think of ‘lust’ in a sexual sense. However, the alternative definition for lust is simply “a passionate desire for something”. In this sense of the word, it cannot be denied that our absorbent yellow friend is an extremely lustful creature. Spongebob has a lust for life that is incomparable to most other cartoon characters – he yearns for the affections of both friend and foe alike, is eager to please, and will often stop at nothing to complete a task.


A Promise is a Promise!

one piece new world 21

My papa is a certified good man and the best father in the world. Aside from the self-confidence that he inculcated in me, he also taught so many values to live by. In my immature years, I disappointed a lot of people especially my friends who stood by me in spite of my weird way of thinking. I pushed my father to the limit because I wanted to skip school by purposely misplacing my ID. He was so furious because my friend was waiting outside our house. He was ashamed of my behavior and my inconsideration to my friend, the reason I received a good slap from him (that was the first and last). My father cried for hurting me (I guess he cried more than I did). He couldn’t take it because I was his little darling. Yet, the lesson I learned from him that day was “never disappoint anyone again especially those I valued with all my heart”. He added, “keep your words and be true to your promises”.

My papa is over a decade gone but his words lived in my heart. Of course, I intended to keep my words and not even a single day I prayed that I will be able to keep it. I didn’t utter those words insincerely for my words were rooted beyond my chest. Nonetheless, in spite of my truthfulness and willingness to keep my vows, I couldn’t control the forces that disrupted my journey. I experienced the worst in life but my promises lived by in my heart.
One Piece to the New World

Indeed, a promise is something that I needed to keep at any cost!

I will keep it!!! I will, the time will come…

One Piece to the New World11

Clear your heart from all the doubts…
Learn to believe and


I’ll keep my promises, no need for pinky swear…

To pinky swear, or make a pinky promise, is the entwinement of the little fingers “(pinkies)” of two people to signify that a promise has been made. (

One Piece to the New World14

Silly and insane as it may sounds… Nobody asks for my loyalty and patience but I remain true to my feelings and distance is never an issue to me…

One Piece to the New World16

And like Luffy-kun, I will never fail those people I gave my word… I will always true to my promises. If you don’t believe me, it’s up to you… my journey and quest will go on with you in my head and heart…

One Piece to the New World19

I am not trying to prove anything. I am just being ME…

One Piece to the New World20

One Piece Season 15, Episode 573 “Finally Time to Go! Goodbye, Fish-Man Island!” “Tsui ni Shukkō! Sayonara Gyojin-tō” (ついに出航! さよなら魚人島)

by Vina Morales “Pangako Sa “Yo”

She’s Just Another Woman in Love (Boa Hancock)

She’s tough and strong

She’s cruel and heartless

She’s a lovely warrior

But when it comes to love

She’s just like other women

She has her own weakness

Same as everybody else

Who says you can’t move

The highest mountain?

Foolish and crazy it seems

She’s just another woman in love….

by Anne Murray “Just Another Woman in Love”

Everyone loves her…

The Princess of Amazon Lily who is self-centered and heartless

 Unknowingly and surprisingly, she falls in love with someone like him…

Is there really no way for you to want me???

But it’s so difficult… I tried to… but I can’t….

Blame me not!!! It’s my heart… no matter how hurt… it does not quit on loving you…

Definitely NOT!!!

My love is unmeasurable and it’s beyond infinity….

Crazy For You - Flirty Graphic

I’m just another Boa Hancock, loving the impossible.  

Similar to her the options are many but it’s different with that one special person with so many buts… 


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さようなら “Sayonara”…Defeated and Vanished

One Piece Episode 405: “Eliminated Friends – The Final Day of the Straw Hat Crew”

The most heartwarming and teary episode of One Piece when the crew was in Sabaody Archipelago at Grove 12 were overpowered by their opponents. The Straw Hats Pirates face-to-face with Admiral Kizaru, the marine’s Pacifista, Sentomaru and Bartholomew Kuma (one of the seven warlords of the seas, Shichibukai).  Kuma used his ability to vanish the Straw Hat Pirates; and one by one Luffy’s nakama perished in front of his eyes.  At this point, Luffy was no match to Kuma, and he too vanished from the island.

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Sayonara, My LovE

O, my love and my friend!

I don’t want to say adieu

Goodbyes only make me cry

Can I just whisper to you ‘hello’?

Till we meet again on the road

Someday, we’ll never part ways….


Sayonara, my true beloved

My heart is always yours…

If you’re hurt and lose your way

You know where to find me

For now, sayonara my love!

Live fully for tomorrow is ours!

Luffy Under the Sea Adventures: Fishman Island

After two years of separation and training, finally the Straw Hats Pirates are reunited and set for a new adventure. On their way to the New World, they set foot below the ocean floor at Fishman Island. New adventures and friends are awaiting for them. Well, it the excitement is on and can’t wait to see what will be the fates of the crew under the sea. This time round, they’re much stronger, braver and determined.

I love them so much…  Can’t wait to see more!!!

New World at Fishman Island

i keep on looking and missing…


good day!!!

when you’ll be awake, i might be still asleep because when you were asleep i was still awake 😦

before, i finally close my eyes and sleep around 4.23 am as this time… i wanna tell you something is missing all this time… oops! i’m so tired to talk for i am up for the entire night to finish something for my ex-boss… my fault, actually… 😦

as of now, i’m expecting for opportunities to come and just keeping calm… but my heart still looking for you…. i do… i hope this will be over and you’ll still wanna be my friend 😦

Spongebob said….


I’m so tired to think.  My brain’s commanding me to shut down… Thus, can’t come out with words to say…

Just take it from Spongebob, my friend… it’s so cute 😉

… tsk.. i don’t think you’ll like this… you’re non-cheesy…

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Loving Gary **+++$$$ and Mike

gary and mike collage

This is not the adventures of Batman and Robin with all the actions and heroic deeds,  Well, this unusual duo and most unlikely tandem found themselves in a road trip to challenge and strengthen their friendship.   

A not so old adult cartoon series aired last 2001 with 13 episodes showcasing different kind of adventures of two friends named Gary and Mike.  These two buddies were totally of no similarities in their personalities as well as their roots.   Gary who was a kind-hearted total loser and scared to death of his big man who was trying to prove something to himself and his father.  He was out to follow the Lewis and Clark trail as his family’s tradition.   And here came the best friend with a package of trouble, the perfect definition of jerk, that is so Mike.  Together they traveled in different states and made their own map to follow, which they called as the “Gary and Mike” trail.

Along the way, these two met so many mishaps and troubles and they too meet different sort of people who added to their adventures.  Whether you hate Gary for he was just so ignorant and gullible or dislike Mike’s guts and his macho complex, you’ll still enjoy watching this pair.  Well, after thirteen episodes, you’ll wonder if there is more and the ending will leave you hanging on the cliff.   After all, I laugh all through out every episodes, taking my problems and stress away.  OMG, something is missing… wish and only wish… I can do… 

Gary and Mike will teach you the value of friendship that no matter what, real friends stick around.  Aside from that, no matter what kind of jerk or loser your friend is, you’ll accept and love him or her for what he or she is… Besides, we have one life to live… let’s have fun and ready for a lot of adventures ….


I always take life as fun and with everything I do, I truly enjoy it. Yet, my life is no cartoon and I have to live the reality and be serious of trying my luck to make my talents useful and earn from it.  If there are guys like Gary and Mike, I will surely fall and love them… Hmmm… Who do you think will I pick? Will it be Gary or Mike??? OMG, haunted by the name again ;(  

where or where???? My baby be???  i miss a friend… 


watch more episodes at scumbuddy’s channel

The Pirate with a Tie

If you’ll be a pirate, this ship’s flag design is for you. I made a skull with a tie and you know the reason why. I also added your distinct facial feature, which is your eyebrows.

You’re the captain of your ship!

No one will dictate the course of your journey. You’re the master of your own. No one will tell you where to go and what to do. The rules are yours and no one is in control.

What a joyful ride, my captain!

My captain sail swiftly in my dreams for I am on board in your ship. The funny things will happen under the rays of the moonlight.

O, captain inspite of my sorrows I still love and long for thee!!!

Good night and sweet dreams 😉

I always pray for thee and I’m keeping only happy thoughts to keep me going…


I am as strong and carefree like my pirate friends. I can do it!!!

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Kiss Me, Tonight!

Delicate cute red rose
Darling move so close!

Sway your lean hips,
Touch my tender lips!

Lullaby of my loving heart

Oh, no! Don’t move apart!

Make me really breathless
A taste of  your sweetness

Please, kiss me tonight!
Before you will sleep tight

Darling, you’re so divine!
Tomorrow will you be mine?

Just kiss me tonight!!!
Own me with your might 😉

Oh, what a naughty me 😉
I want you, can’t you see?

Good night my love 😉

I’ll kiss you in my dreams.

One day those kisses will be true and they’ll mine too 😉

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What Makes a Real Man? Are You One?

        “A real man is not any woman’s underdog.  He speaks out what in his head and  heart.  His brave enough to quit when it’s over.  His not too obedient to his woman for he knows his needs and wants.  He has a mind of his own.  He confides and asks for opinions but he’s the one who makes the decision.  No one decides for him.”

         “He will not use his charms on women for his own advantage.  He won’t let opportunities slip away and let go what’s best for him.  He doesn’t keep a woman for the sake of sex because a real man knows that his woman is not only for bed.  He appreciates a woman with  intellect, talents and skills, and also with goals in life because he’s totally aware that together they can achieve more to build a better life.  Above all, he respects women and treat them all fairly regardless who they are in terms of age, color and status.”

“Men who can’t wipe away the tears from women’s eyes aren’t real men”.  

“A real man makes decisions and lives with the consequences.”

“A real man knows that, outside of his barber, all his personal hygiene needs must be taken care of by a woman.”

Top 10 Traits of A Real Man

Trait No. 1: A real man is strong

A real man doesn’t cry, doesn’t moan, doesn’t complain, doesn’t get sick, and doesn’t need to go to the doctor every time he sneezes. A real man makes decisions and lives with the consequences. A real man accepts responsibility for his actions and his words. A real man is firm. If life is a b*tch, a real man will slap it and move on.

A real man is macho. A real man is tough. A real man doesn’t show emotions. A real man is the backbone of his family and doesn’t have time to be weak. If spiders scare you, you’ll never be a real man.

Trait No. 2: A real man is focused

A real man knows the difference between what’s important and what isn’t. A real man doesn’t waste time on stupidities that don’t bring him any profit. Sure, there are things you can do as a hobby — I like to shoot ducks — but it must have a purpose. The purpose of my hobby is to improve my aim, and I don’t have to tell you whether or not that’s a useful thing in my line of work.

A real man focuses on power, money and family. He doesn’t focus on sex. Sex comes as a result of having power, money and a wife (and if she doesn’t satisfy you, there are plenty of other women who will, especially when you are powerful and rich).

Trait No. 3: A real man knows the importance of family

A real man will keep his family strong and pass on his ancestors’ history and traditions. A real man knows that his children are God’s gift and should be treated as such, even if he disciplines them from time to time.

A real man must also remember his other Family, his organization. In my world, both my family and my Family hold the same importance; I protect them both with all my might. If you have a Family, don’t forget where your loyalties lie and who has your back when you need it.

Trait No. 4: A real man doesn’t gossip

A real man follows omerta; he keeps his mouth shut. He shelters information and rations his words. A real man does not reveal more than he has to and doesn’t engage in girlie talk about others. A real man doesn’t discuss things he doesn’t know about or people he has never met.

Trait No. 5: A real man’s word is his bond

When a real man makes a promise, he keeps it. If he can’t keep a promise, he doesn’t give his word. A real man would rather die than break his word. A real man knows that his words are as powerful as his actions, and that they must be taken at face value. That is why he rations them (see above).

Trait No. 6: A real man strives to be a role model

A real man respects himself and others at all times, unless, of course, he has been disrespected. A real man sets an example for his disciples, and especially for his children. I never bring my work home, so my children only know me as their father and not as a waste management executive. You should do the same; a real man sets the tone for his children and keeps them from discovering that he has weaknesses.

Trait No. 7: A real man makes his own fortune

A real man doesn’t settle for handouts or charity when it comes to his personal fortune. A real man isn’t satisfied with papa’s money. He spits on Lady Luck and decides his own destiny. A real man who inherits goods from his forefathers takes his inheritance and turns it into 10 times what it was.

Trait No. 8: A real man doesn’t look like a woman

A real man doesn’t have piercings and long hair, and he doesn’t shave his chest. Manicures, however, are acceptable. Massages from female attendants are also tolerated. A real man knows that, outside of his barber, all his personal hygiene needs must be taken care of by a woman.

A real man has at least three suits (with a mandatory pinstriped one) that cost more than a roomful of escorts. A real man wears a suit at least three times a week. Any man who doesn’t know how to tie a tie should hand in his testicoli immediately.

Trait No. 9: A real man keeps his house in order

Have you ever been inside the boss’ house? There ain’t no pizza boxes sitting around, there ain’t no undershirts on the floor, and there sure as hell ain’t no unpaid bills being used as beer coasters. No ruler can rule over a territory if he isn’t already the master of his own home.

This means you lazy pinheads out there need to stop using machismo as an excuse to live like a bottom-feeder; keep your sty spotless, keep your documents in order and — listen up on this one — clean your freaking suits.

Trait No. 10: A real man can defend himself

You know what’s missing in the world today? Leaders who have had to fight their way to the top. No joking, look at the head of any business that’s circling the toilet bowl, and I’ll show you a boss whose parents’ power and money kept him from ever learning things the hard way.

Every successful capo has been on the wrong end of a beatdown — be it with words or be it with a set of A. Testonis. But those future capos got up again and again, until they knew how to stand their ground — and that, my students, is when you can start to climb the ladder.
lesson over
So what have you learned here today, class? You learned that you have a lot of homework to do before you can call yourself a real man. The essence of manhood is when a man has reached the pinnacle of his role.

You see? That was me trying to be a smart-ass. Here’s a bonus trait: A real man keeps it simple. If you know big words, use them rarely and appropriately — at least in front of morons who think they’re smarter than you. Remember, the stuff inside matters most. Lesson over.

Watch your backs and keep your noses clean.

“A real man keeps it simple.”

Source: Mr.Mafioso,  Top 1o: Traits of A Real Man
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20 characteristics of the ultimate man

1. A man treats women with respect. If you don’t respect women, you’re not a man. Period.

2. A man understands that greater happiness lies in helping others, not helping himself.

3. A man doesn’t stand still while the world passes him by, he continually pushes himself.

4. A man is a leader in at least one aspect of his life, whether this means his family, with his friends or just in general. But he can also follow. The world wouldn’t work if everyone was trying to lead in every aspect of life.

5. You can depend on a man. You can’t depend on a boy.

6. “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.” ~ Galileo Galilei

A man is proud, often to a fault. He doesn’t “change” but rather evolves. Ladies, don’t try and change your man, but let him evolve into the man he’s meant to be.

7. A man doesn’t need to be able to fight or to protect himself and his family physically. But it helps. Hedoes however need to be willing to do whatever it takes to keep his family safe and happy.

8. A man lives for something; a purpose beyond his own personal gains. This can come with time, and with family. It doesn’t always happen right away.

9. “Many of the greatest accomplishments of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.”

A man gets depressed, he gets sad, he thinks about quitting and folding, but he never does. He pushes through adversity.

10. “When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself.” ~ Louis Nizer

A man has faults. It’s important to understand this.

11. A man can laugh at himself.

12. A man takes pride in how he looks and lives his life. He’s not ashamed by who he is, what he does or how he looks, even if he’s trying to change one of the aforementioned.

13. “Young men want to be faithful, and are not; old men want to be faithless, and cannot.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Men learn what is truly important over time. If they’re lucky, they’ll have a sense of it early on.

14. “How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being.” ~ Oscar Wilde

If a man finds someone special, he doesn’t treat her like she’s everyone else.  

15. A man has fears, but he isn’t ruled by them.

16. A man learns from his mistakes. Although he might take a few cracks at it.

17. A man does what is necessary. Even if it’s the hardest decision, or the most unpopular one.

18. A man can appreciate the greatness that is ‘The Gladiator’.

19. A man thrives on competition.

20. “For a man to achieve all that is expected of him, he must regard himself greater than he is.” ~ Johann Wolfgang


“A real man is not a gentleman in order to please

He is a gentleman because he is truly one”

“A real man is not scared with life’s consequences unlike a little boy”

Be a REAL man for real!!!


how r u???

Sweet Morning!!!

Where My Heart Lies…


Let me ask you something, from your experience where do you think your heart is? 

Is it somewhere in your chest, the muscle the keeps on beating to stay alive?

Bleach rukia

Bleach rukia2

If you want to be literal about it, but in my opinion, it is more of a state of mind

Bleach rukia and kaien

It is in our will, not inside our bodies at all. 

Bleach rukia and kaien2

I think our hearts are created between people when they meet for the first time, a bond that brought to life between two individuals.  It is an emotional connection. 

Bleach rukia and kaien3

When you think about something or care about someone that is when your heart is born.  If you’re the only person existing in this world, your heart will be no way of forming.  So, it’s just won’t be anywhere.  If you believe with all your heart that you belong here… Then, that is where you will stay.  If your heart is here that is all the reason in the world to be here and you must never doubt that—

-Kaien Shiba, a deceased lieutenant of squad 13, Bleach Episode 160: “Testament, Your Heart is Right Here…” (transcribed by me 😉 )

(To Rukia Kuchiki) “Every time you and I connect with each other, a little bit of heart is born between us. Heart isn’t something inside you. But whenever you think, whenever you remember someone, that’s when heart is born. If you were the only one alive in the whole world, heart wouldn’t exist now, would it?

“And when that time comes, where will your heart go? Your heart will be passed on to your friends. If you pass it on to your friends, then your heart will always live on within them.”

I am really moved with what Kaien said to Rukia about the heart.  I may take my anime seriously but how it is stated is really true.  Our heart belongs to others when we unselfishly share ourselves to others and everything that really matter to us.  My heart belongs to every person and things that I treasure and value.  There are times due to circumstances that you’ll be away with those people who used to be part of you.  In spite of not seeing them, it doesn’t mean you don’t have space in their hearts as well them in yours.  You’re only moving forward to win the real combat in life.  I continuously fight to protect my heart and go on surviving.  I always pray for God to lead me where my heart belongs….  As for a friend, in spite of what’s going on, in the hearts of those who know, good memories will remain.  Whatever the outcome will be there’s always hope for those who believe and have faith.  After all, those who don’t quit will get the prize.  I know I belong to the hearts of those people I am acquainted, my friends, family and to you as well.  When the heart willed the entire being, it knows where it truly belongs and what it really wants…  All the heart needs is chance, luck, opportunity and time…. One day, let’s see… how everything will turn out…. I don’t want my heart to die but always inspired. I don’t want to be weak in stead always be strong. I want my heart to still believe no matter how hopeless. I want my heart to live even if it dying. I want my heart to keep on fighting even if it feels like giving up. I only hope this situation won’t bring my heart down because I know I can and there’s so much I can do…

Don’t Judge the Book by Its Cover


Let me tell you about this guy and I’ll tell you his name…

Be aware of his existence for he’s the most evil of them all. What do you know? You think he’s sincere and kind. His gentleness is only a deception. Beneath his benevolent face is an ambitious and cunning man who knows no fear and only desires for power. He doesn’t know how to care for he only uses people for his own welfare.  He’s nothing but a two-face, fooling everyone who trusted him. He preys on the innocent and take advantage on others’ feelings and weaknesses. Thus, look closely and be careful. Looks can be deceiving. Be aware there are others who wear masks. Learn it from Bleach, I’m talking about Aizen. I don’t even see it coming, Aizen’s betrayal to the Soul Society is really an unexpected twist and how he managed to fool everyone by faking his death was really unpredictable. Even his loyal lieutenant, Momo is unaware and never expected that Aizen has such selfish and evil plans all along.

Sōsuke Aizen (藍染 惣右介, Aizen Sōsuke)

The former captain of the 5th Division in the Gotei 13; he later leaves the Soul Society with his followers, Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tōsen. His lieutenant was Momo Hinamori. Aizen is a surprisingly polite, soft-spoken intellectual, often addressing his subordinates by their given names. He rarely shows any sign of alarm or distress and often has entire situations planned out well in advance.

Aizen initially appeared to be a very kind, well-respected captain and was looked up to by many, especially his Lieutenant Momo Hinamori.


She would do everything for him. She believed on him and she was his most loyal comrade and friend.

She trusted him but he betrayed her, and without second thoughts he pushed his sword on her. He actually never cared for her in spite of how strongly she felt for him. He stabbed her to death with his own hands.


However, this was just a mask to disguise his manipulative and very dangerous nature.

He is, therefore, willing to stop at nothing to further his selfish ambitions.

He lacks genuine compassion and honor.

In truth, he cares very little for his underlings (both past and present), and is willing to use almost everyone around him as pawns to achieve his means. In his own words, Aizen claims to be unaffected by any form of morals or ethics, as he views them as mere restrictions on his potential. He is fond of long, complicated, and somewhat convoluted plots, and frequently appears to toy with his underlings for amusement. Unlike most of the other Shinigami who appear to have some kind of honor and kindness, including some Espada.

aizen - bleach-anime Photo

Aizen’s true objective was to overthrow the king of the Soul Society. As he and his fellow traitor captains were departing from the Soul Society, he told Jūshirō Ukitake that “no one has stood on the top of the world”, not even the gods, but he aspires to “stand on the heavens and end the unbearable vacancy on the world’s throne”. To do this, he needs the Ōken (王鍵, Royal Key), a tri-pronged golden key that opens a portal to the dimension in which the Soul King resides.


Trusting in someone is the same as depending on them. That is something the weak do. We have no use for it.”

Sōsuke Aizen

You can always love the hero,

but this guy he’s my favorite villain

… one unforgettable character.

Into Bleach…

The First Time They Met

Time has passed but it seemed like yesterday.

Do you still remember the what, when, why and how?

Maybe, you don’t but I won’t really forget. It’s like a broken record that repeatedly playing in my head.

It was an unusual coincidence and the trick of fate that linked together two people from different worlds.  At the beginning, it was all about the mission in life and the job to fulfill.  Likewise, no matter how you disapproved it to happen, the unusual twists of the story happened that created a strong bond of friendship.

He stripped away her dignity, pride and power.  The friendship they shared was never easy for both of them.  It was filled with challenges and opposing parties.  Nonetheless, they shared one determination and same goal to win against all odds to survive in this world.  The moment she arrived in his life, troubles kept on coming.  On the other hand, the time he crossed her path, she found her weakness that turned out to be her strength.  They were an odd combination and they sometimes argued or disagreed with one another.  But they could still enjoy and laugh.  Moreover, no matter how they struggled, they couldn’t remove the chain that connected them to go on with life’s adventures together. 

In spite it all, unconsciously they already shared part of themselves to one another that none of them could explain.  They could hate each other but they wouldn’t abandon a friend.  The fight would continue, the enemies would keep on coming and the challenges would never stop.  One thing for sure, they’re FF–friends forever… Learning something new from one another that they would remember for a lifetime. What will happen next??? Let’s wait and see… 

From one single meeting… string of events can possibly happen… Well, life is full of surprises after all!  You’ll never know what’s store for you and me because if we do we’ll surely spoil all the fun.

Below are images from Bleach Episode 1: Ichigo met Rukia for the first time… and how he replaced her of becoming a soul ripper (substitute)

Bleach Season One Opening Song

Love Confession on Christmas Eve

sweet home alabamaLast Christmas, I wrote the post below addressing it to someone I didn’t know or met… someone without a name and without a face…  Yet, in my heart I knew soon he would exist in my life and the time would come, I would be really brave to say the words not only here but into his ears. 

Can you spare me a minute?  Will you get mad if I will ask you kindly to borrow a little of your time?  Will you pick my call?  Will I leave you the message and wait with no reply?  I don’t want to hear the response because I know it is the words of rejection and you’ll tell me all those reasons I already knew.  It doesn’t matter at all because I am a strong girl and what is more important is my faith in my prayers and wishes.

“If you confess your love on Christmas eve to the person you love, your wishes will come true” -Love Hina, Christmas Special

For you I’m one silly girl who never outgrown all the animes and superstitions, but if I believe this I got nothing to lose and it’s not a shame for you’re my friend after all.  You know it all along but Christmas eve is special, I’ll say it loud and clear hoping you’ll remember me in your heart.  I’m not  a bad girl nor a troublemaker.  Sorry that my heart picked  you and it felt so great to have you around.   Yeah, you are the only being I know who never appreciated or praised me still I did all those stuff that I have never done or shared with the men I knew.  You always knew it but you never gave a damn…

Last year’s unedited post Published on: Dec 20, 2011 @ 6:02

“If you confess your love on Christmas eve to the person you love, your wishes will come true” -Love Hina, Christmas Special

Don’t have the nerve to do such, always been a coward… but I hope I’m as courageous as others and not bound to my values… then, maybe I am willing do so… in spite of the consequences or outcome.

Dear No One,

The truth is, love is complicated for me.  Most of the time, I only realized my feelings when the person is gone.  Perhaps, absence really makes the heart grows fonder.   So, what’s the use? He might be seeing someone right now or he never felt same way.  Why can’t I just fall for someone who is there? Why can’t I just force myself to go online dating?

Perhaps, I really don’t know how to love at all… I’m just good in imagining romantic images in my head.

Hey, if you know him… kindly tell him —

to teach me how to love because I’m too scared to open my heart

to remind me that’s its alright and not to mind others’ nasty opinions

to make me understand what I really felt and there’s nothing wrong about it

to show me that it’s never too late and I deserve to be happy too

to lead me under the rainbow because the rain is over and the sky is full of hopes.

If you know him, tell him my greatest wish is to spend Christmas day with him and I already bought a gift for him.  If he won’t be around on Christmas, I might keep the gift in my heart forever to remind me how coward I am to never show him a hint of how I truly felt.  Christmas eve is coming soon…. I wish to spend it  with you… Hope you tell him to read this post… x.o.x.o.


Love Hina Special “A Christmas Wish”

Published on: Dec 20, 2011 @ 6:02

love hina christmas special

The Monkey Who Tries to Capture the Moon

bleach renji abarai5

The story of a monkey who tries to capture the moon. But no matter how he struggles, it’s just the moon’s reflection on the water he sees. So, he only sinks into the water. Time after time the monkey sinks…

(lines by  Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, captain of squad 6, Rukia’s adopted brother.  The story lines are so catchy and I can’t help take it down and include it into my post)

Bleach Episode 52 – Renji, Oath of the Soul! Death Match with Byakuya

This is one of the best match episodes in Bleach that really captivated me.  I was expecting Renji Abarai to win especially his able to use his bankai, Hihio Zabimaru.  Moreover, after losing to Ichigo still he lost over his captain Byakuya Kuchiki.  Thus, Kuchiki referred his ambition to surpass him in comparison with the story of the monkey who tried to capture the moon.  He was sending Renji the message that he was unbeatable and impossible to bring down.   Renji did his best but still he was no match to the captain of his squad six.  It was truly a breathtaking scene and when Renji was defeated it was just so sad particularly seeing him slowly losing his spirit energy.

It really broke my heart seeing Renji defeated and still trying to fight back just to save Rukia.  I hope it’s not the end of him because I admire him so much even his Ichigo’s opponent.  I’m still hoping that he’ll still be saved in this fight and I will still see him in the next episodes of Bleach.

Too old for “Bleach”…. who cares I’m into it… my new craze…

Less Lonely World

AFA 2012 (Anime Festival Asia)

The most long awaited festival that I prepared and wanted to participate.  The three days event was held in Expo Hall 7.  My sis and my costumes were made by our mother all the way to our place.  My sis was wearing Misaki (“Maid Sama”) and mine was Nico Robin (“One Piece”).    Thanks to our mama for making the wonderful dresses for us.  Just for the fun of this event.

Yeah, I am the short and plum version of Robin but I don’t care; anyway I had the same raven hair like hers. Haha.  I purposedly cut my hair with same style as Robin because I always wanted to wear her costume.  My pair of stockings was difficult to find and I had to buy it in an adult shop.  Then, the saddest part was I forgot the other pair at home.  Still I walked around the hall wearing one piece of stocking, I didn’t care because it was quite expensive and hard to find.  Anyway, people thought it was my style.  No one cared anyway.  I had a fun Saturday and I bought a little costly One Piece bag.  All the merchandise were from Japan; thus, I must get one.  I saw few of my students and all of us were enjoying the event.  Well, I had fun today.  We also watched a Naruto movie that ended almost 10 pm.   The unforgettable line Naruto said “I must endure”.

Indeed I must endure… I will endure….

One Piece Characters

I really walked around to find the characters from One Piece.  I found a few like Monkey D. Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Hawk-Eye, Ghost Princess, Eustas Kid (One of the supernova rookie captains, captain of the Kid Pirates), Jewelry Bonney (also one the supernova rookie captains, captain of the Bonney Pirates), and Trafalgar Law (another supernova rookie pirates, captain of the Heart Pirates).