This is all me…

I AM Unique

Despised me if you please

You think, I’m such a tease

Or I got such bad taste…

Knowing me is not a waste


I’m all in one for I have assorted of interests.  For movies and music, I love new and old depending to my mood.  Any genres of songs work for me.  I watch all sorts of films like comedy, romance, science fiction, horror, suspense and actions.  Even with my age, I still enjoy and love all sorts of animation (whether anime, Pixar, Disney, nick… )

I’m happy anywhere I go.  I can adjust to any type of personalities. I aim high and always optimistic.   I can still smile even if I’m troubled, tired, sad and sick.  

Drawing digitally and manually, and writing compositions and poems are my hobbies:  the outlets of my soul, the expressions of my heart, the simple thoughts and image of my head, and the other side of me unknown to the rest of my world.


Whatever people say, I’m beautiful in my ways and I don’t have to fit with society’s standards of beauty because I’m not joining a beauty pageant and I’m not a celebrity.  I’m just a jolly and ordinary creation.  All I know is I’m confident and happy with what I’m capable of doing; and people around me accept and love me for who I am.  
Always loving life!!!

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