Words are all I have, Gorgeous!

Today is Bible Sunday and the gospel reading was about the good Samaritan. Despite of the uncertainties coming, I’m still doing the best I can. I will continue on believing and have faith. I survived all the heartbreaks and I’ll continue surviving.

Indeed my prayers and poems are all words but every lines rooted in my heart. Perhaps, you define happiness as what you have now and the people around you give joys to you according to the words in your definition. But, is that all enough? Is that how your story goes?

I am boring but I enjoy being at home doing my chores and doing crafts on my own. I don’t care what others will say for my greatest flaw is my honesty. I always say the truth and even in reality I am deprived that chance to prove who I really am and what I can do… at least here I am free to say how much I deeply care despite of alienating me and despising my existence. Period is the end of a sentence but this story has a lot of chapters… more sentences about to be written…

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