I fit, Gorgeous! Hurray!

Almost six years of waiting but atlast I finally worn it. Well, this is one of those moments when I congratulated myself exclaiming, “Yes, I told you so!” It was more than half a decade when someone sold me a peach dress. Honestly, I am pretty aware of my body size and declined the offer. “Lady please, the dress won’t fit me,” I said those words. Then, she replied, “no worries, I believe that you can lose weight!” Come on, it wasn’t the sales talk that got me. I didn’t want to argue and she gave me a good deal that convinced me to get the dress. Some teenage obsession wasn’t easy to get rid because I only proved that I am forever the Spice Girls’ fan.

When I tried fitting the dress when I was home, I couldn’t even zip it on my own and my mother tried her best too in helping me to move the zipper up. No matter how I held my breath, still the zipper wouldn’t close. So, I told my mother to repair it by adjusting the size. Nevertheless, she told me that there was nothing she could do because the dress was uniquely sewn and there was no allowance on it for any adjustments. If I insisted with what I wanted, the dress’ design would be ruined. In addition, the zipper alone couldn’t be procure at any shops. In conclusion, I bought a clothing that became my dilemma. What would you expect! Indeed, Victoria Beckham is not just a trendsetter but a lady of class and high quality. Moreover, when I wanted to give it to my sister, she found it not her taste. So, I kept it somewhere in my wardrobe for a very long time and surprisingly didn’t give it away.

Last night, I was so engrossed with my twisted fairy tales series entitled “Once Upon a Time” that I almost forgot preparing what to wear for work the next day. While scavaging my cabinet with what to wear, the old dress caught my eyes because I never worn it ever since and still it looked new. No harm on trying. So, I put it on and I managed to zip it on my own. Really??? What a disbelief!!! Hurray!!!! I fit on that dress, Gorgeous! I did… I managed to wear it comfortably for the whole day. My self-made sauna did work after all!

My patience did pay off. Patience, Gorgeous. Patience is all I have and it’s all I need.

Oops, I said not a single word. Comments and compliments reserved and unsaid. The new captain reported. Hello, sir…You’re as gorgeous as ever! Nice new look and style!

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