Gorgeous, I don’t know

I don’t know your side of the story

I won’t push so hard to find out

Whatever that stir your emotions

May time and space calm you down

I don’t know if I miss you at all

But funny how the brain registers

The scents of your cigar and morning coffee

The sound of your voice and the look on your face

I don’t know where you are in the globe

Hope you’re having the time of your life

Doing the extremes, making the extraordinary

Always in the spirit, not alone in the crowd

I don’t know what tomorrow will be

Still I keep my hopes high, doing my best all the time

Not asking so much what others can’t give

I will just remain to be true and love everything I do

I don’t know those rules, I don’t live by them

As long as the intentions are authentic and pure

No one can go wrong and let judgments be

Let’s embrace happiness for liberty is ours anyway

I don’t know if you hear the genuineness in my voice

Still I continuously pray for you everyday

It’s through God, I am reaching to you

Embracing you when your day turns imperfect

I don’t know anything and many things

I am born in those vintage days when life is simple

Pictures are not filtered and photoshopped

Not in a fake show in front of an audience in social media

I don’t know what happened to you yesterday

Still you’re that same person better that everyone else

We are not aliens for the world is ours to conquer

We are all angels for there’s goodness resides in all of us

(Last Sunday, in Father Eugene’s sermon he stated that all of us feel lonely. The more people you are surrounded with, the lonelier you are… The more you hang around technology, the more the desperation and frustration arise within. The more fame and power you’ll gain, the faster that emptiness in no time will eat you inside out. There’s always that hollowness within that’s why welcome those who are true for through them you’ll see your path clearly.)