Gorgeous, Always Making Paps the Proudest❤️🥰😍

Paps, you were my avid fan and even I was quiet of my extracurricular activities, nothing was kept secret to you. Even if I was grumpy and indolent at times, you knew very well that I am capable of doing a lot of things. Guess what, I have improved now and learned new things. Recently, I learned how to bake different kinds of bread and saw clothes. Aside from manual and digital drawing and painting, I painted on 3D models. My student called the artworks as 3D sculptures. But, it doesn’t look nice for now… I’ll just keep trying to improve myself. Next in line, I’m going to do cross stitch. I only hope I can do something sporty to add on my list.

As of today, it was not my intention after the 6pm mass but I did anyway because the girl in my session couldn’t make for the rehearsal for next week’s procession. I promised her Mother that I would relay the details of the rehearsal. So, I helped by assisting the pretty little flower girls… The whole thing ended very late and I reached home around 10.30pm.

Imagine, Paps did it ever occur to you that I am going to be a Catechist or become a teacher? I was the lazy one among my siblings with regards to school matters. And on top of that, I was the rebel yet admired and loved by so many. Look at me now, I guess people do change. One thing remain the same I am still the jolly one.

(My own version of optical illusion in digital art using PicsArt app)

I dreamt of you smiling at me. I woke up with joy and contentment in my heart. Thank you for everything. I love you very much and I won’t get tired of praying and dreaming of you.