Gorgeous, My Heart Still Remains True

Nothing can change one’s destiny but it doesn’t matter as long as the heart remains true. Perhaps, I am such a pain in your point of view but I am a blessing to others. Anyone has the right to hate me for being true to myself, I won’t question or judge them. Instead, I’ll just continue to do good deeds and do my best in everything I do. Honestly, I am disappointed of myself today because I was unable to meet my goal. I was all worried in my head because I failed to compile everything. Of course, I needed all the diversions because I was so stressed with how time flew so fast and I still had so many things left undone.

Gorgeous, I had nothing more to say because I already wrote my side of the story. A priest once told me that there was nothing incorrect of expressing myself. Moreover, how my words be taken isn’t in my control. Thus, all I could do is to accept my fate and move forward. After all, I am certain of what I am doing despite how my actions are misunderstood. I don’t have to beg or convince or manipulate others to win them over…. no need to try so hard. Let things be for now and let time pacify a heart in fury. Above all, allow God to heal one’s wrath in order to see with clarity and be able to unmask who is who. One thing is certain, when one is not in the room, I am not the one who has so many ill things to say. Be careful who is in front of you and always with because they are the ones very dangerous and have a lot of things to say. As wise men always say, “one’s greatest enemy isn’t the person one hated the most but surprisingly it is someone who is only within the circle”.

As of the moment, my major concern is losing weight because I can’t fit in most of my clothes (no bodycon for me only oversized will do) and my face is so bloated…. I AM NECK-LESS!!! (as always😔😖) I am so overweight that I can’t walk on my high heels. Now, I have no choice but to wear sneakers and flats. Sad life, indeed… Haha! Joke…

No more procastinations… zumba more and complete the 10,000 steps a week!!! Haay, many things left unaccomplished.

Well, whatever there is and however everyone treats me, my heart still remains true for that’s the only thing I know how to do❤️😍

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