Gorgeous, Blessed are We😇😘

Not so long ago, numbers did threaten me

Fantasies ruled over, a search in desperation

Hurting the one who never did me wrong

Trying so hard in portraying a bad version of me

Opening the doors forbidden, a route of no return

Blissfulness was brief for the sorrow was more

No joy in sins for my spirit was burned in hell

Just a single step, I was falling out from grace

How blessed I am for God never abandoned me!

I turned Him down thrice but He never gave up

Thank you Lord for sending me good people

Pulling me out from the darkness of my narrow tunnel

Thank you Lord for sharing me Your wisdom

My directions to always follow the right path

Gorgeous, we are blessed because we are loved more


(I told my friend about the good news today and I also said the words below)

Yesterday, I searched in desperation

Thus, I fell out from grace

Today, God is my rock and salvation

So, I believe everything will fall into place🙏🏻❤️😇


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