Not All Angels Have Wings, Gorgeous!


All dressed for adventures but it turned out not possible

Indeed, I had all the reasons to grumble and be upset

Too money wasted on the wrong choices that I made

Contrary to what was expected, I didn’t explode at all

The turmoil of emotions didn’t get me instead I was calm

Looking around me, there were kindness and gentleness

Why should I dwell only on how my day turned to be sour?

Thank you everyone for giving me a delightful day!

You know my dearest gorgeous, not all angels have wings

They are present in our daily routines wherever we are

Why choose to be in hell when someone can bring you to heaven?

Our hearts need eyes to determine their presence each day

After all, ‘what is truly essential is invisible to our sight

Always bear in mind, it is only through our hearts that we can see clearly.’

Of course, you and I are born angels too! No doubt about it!

Story Cup.jpg

all of me.jpg


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