Long and Winding Road, Gorgeous!!!

On the foggy morning, a risky trip to discover the wonder of nature

The mist covering the highway, the rising and falling of heartbeats

The way so stiff, on the long and winding road traveled by a few

On the peak of the mountain, the clouds beneath my feet

Glory to the Almighty! Reaching the heavens, I’m in cloud nine!

An adventure like no other, wearing a wedge and body-con dress

I’m not just a faddist but a risk-taker and adventurer too!

Gorgeous, the long and winding road on a very fast track

I am filled with awe of merging creativity of God and men!

phu thap boek mountain

Pino Latte-1

Pino Latte-2

Blue sky

blue sky2

extra tour

Khao Koo Windmill.jpg

Khao Khoo Windmill2.jpg



BN Farm


Lord, You are indeed quick to answer. Without assurance and knowing, there was a church. I lift up everything to you. I am nothing but a weakling, lend me your strength and grant me the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Happy birthday to our Catholic Church! Indirectly, I attended mass and rest with peace within. Lord, like the apostles, I will do my best to speak the truth with love, justice and gentleness❤️

Help me to keep my words and whatever the consequences remind me not to give up! Not with my own human strengths but with your ultimate and unfathomable Divine powers.


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