Gorgeous, 780 steps and progressive

I heard you loud and clear, the volume of your voice was high (no denying about it). I am not stalking, you just made it so obvious. I thought that I would cry walking home or be broken-hearted. Nonetheless, the little pain had in my heart was converted to the joy of my generosity and thoughtfulness. You always have your complaints toward us as if you’re perfect.

Well, you may got yourself a girl and you must be in love. Certainly, I felt like a fool but not the loser because being with someone isn’t heaven. Can you be who you are and treat her same way? If you do, well, maybe no sex for you at all.

Once I violated the rules only to uncover that being true to yourself always matter. It is expected that you are mean to me because you don’t need me to a favour. I hope all the things I did were not sugar-coated or pretenses.

I am lazy because I only managed to do 780 steps but I won’t give up. I will never give up….


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