Gorgeous, blazing flames from the heavens!

Look at us, we are all materialistic. Do brands, labels and price tags really matter? Is it all about the money and status? What are we doing with our lives? Where all of these will lead us? Are we fooling ourselves to these insignificant and irrelevant matters?

No matter how others fake themselves and doing their best to be available. No matter what, our personalities will shine and come into the light. Of course, we make the most of our separate lives. But God gives us this gift and it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. ALL WE NEED IS TAKE THE RISK? Will you??? No more pretending and let’s be who we are—

Today is the celebration for the Solemnity of Ascension when Jesus ascended to heaven. Then, on the 9th June, is the reminder of how God loved us and how Jesus kept His promise. It is the birthday of Catholic Church, the Pentecost day. Many years ago, the blazing flames from heaven descended to give courage and inspire the apostles to spread across the globe in delivering the good news to all creations. Gorgeous, our beliefs may differ but what’s in the hearts really matter.

You may deny it several times, but you know it too well even if I am speechless.

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