Gorgeous, the trumphets blasted in my core

I slept with nothing on while my artificial candle burning. The physical sore of any sorts, I lifted to God. Lord, forgive for being human and a woman. Humbly admitting to my imperfections, and so I pray for strength to be in control as the captain of my ship. Whatever there was in the wilderness of my head will never be my reality…

Unexpectedly there, I sat like a stone. I am still and not moving. Well, my apologies for whatever wildest daydreams played in my head. Gorgeous blasted in my core that I couldn’t hear the music from my phone. It was one fine morning, indeed! Oops, I brought something but I forgot to share…

I am here and there… I am everywhere… printing, teaching, prep for training materials, taking photos of 3D models…Well, work seemed non-stop but I still managed to attend the Ascencion mass. Afterwards, I met up with my friend’s mom and bro. Then, together we had a delicious dinner in another friend’s house. Lastly, I went around 11pm because I was being a good friend providing a good company….

Gorgeous, thanks for making me feel this way. Thank you for my dreams are on my own. I want to make you feel the happiest and most satisfied. You chose to be where you are and absolutely fine with that (even it hurts a little☹️)


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