Gorgeous, Ronin is in the House!

Clint Barton, my darling superhero in flesh!!! Gorgeous, how can I ignore??? The sun shine the brightest indeed! But, apparently not that long—

Well, I did my best to help. In my core, I know that I am doing my best to help and assist others and those in needs of my skills. I am not good in talking, flirting, manipulating and twisting stories. I know my reason even if unheard. After all, there’s two sides of a coin.

Finding faults at its finest! Who cares if I only have bows and arrows finding heartless and cold robots!!! After all, my weapons are made out of truthfulness, dedication, humility, compassion and sincerity… System may be made of hierarchy but when it comes to service, you don’t have to inform the bosses what you have done… for in my ways, I am hero too even I only have bows and arrows.


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