Gorgeous, it was the vow I made

Yesterday, I drained out my energy and experienced this terrible headache (even until now). There was unplanned assistance I made that overlooked what was expected of me. Honestly, I was on my way to have another performance of my life as for other’s sake. But I sincerely apologised for the failure of executing it. I was on the kind of duty, which I was unable to escape. It was unplanned but I ended up going home late.☹️😫😩

Probably this headache is caused by my deprived hormones revolting to triumph over my suppressing power. I was super tired that I even dozed off while watching halfway the 470th episode of Naruto Shippuden. Before I drifted, I had my resources and materials ready to prepare for today’s session but when I opened my eyes it was already passed 2am. I went back to sleep again and finally forced myself to wake up around 7am. I didn’t cram and rush to equip myself for what should I relay to the kids today. I got my rosary and prayed.

This time I vowed not only to pray because I am scared or worried. I promised that I will keep on praying because like my forefathers: Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, King David and many others— I too believe and have faith as humongous as theirs…

Unprepared? My friend commented that everything went well. Then, the sharing of the kids made me joyful and praised God wholeheartedly. Thank you Lord for the gift of the present of the Holy Spirit present in the come and the children today! Thank you sisters Dolores Hart and Clare Crockett for the stories you wrote on your blank pages inspired us to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit!

Gorgeous, I am sorry that I failed you. Moreover, as I looked for some document, I found one of the many letters that I never sent to you. Then, the vow I wrote reminded me that at that moment I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I composed those words with the words from Him and I honoured. I intend to keep my vow… Gorgeous, I meant it!

Out of nowhere, it was your voice that awakened me this morning that gave me energy to be there for the kids today. Thanks and I mean it too🙏🏻


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