Gorgeous, I can show you the world

Bread for breakfast, freshly baked last night! It would be good a combination with coffee. My friends loved it and according to them, it was soft and tasty. I brought some to share. While I was practicing my lines, I looked down and saw her unashamed talking despite of many eyes around. It didn’t bother her that she was paid to do her responsibilities, not to flirt early in the morning. I swallowed all the words that I rehearsed and said, ‘perhaps, she’s the kind who always the guys. After all, you never appreciated my courage, jolliness, generosity and thoughtfulness.’

I am heartbroken early in the morning. Hey, I am not paid to flirt around and get prospects! I won’t fail my little angels. I did my job and executed my responsibilities. I lift up my sadness up high and prayed for joy in facing the children God sent to me.

I will never understand the game of love for it is not something I want because it is a must or what I need. I love because it happens, out of my wits and out of my control. It is God’s will to share my goodness, no more pushing them away or running off and disappearing act. If one day, you will ask ‘why?’ My answer is not sugarcoated, not exaggerated, so simple and straight to the point.

‘Because you exist… and it doesn’t matter how many times you hate me… whether you bad or in your worst… there’ll will be no difference. Never I will less in stead, it will be more and more. It will flourish and grow to inspire the world the real meaning of selfless and unconditional.’ I should no better because Jesus chose me to seve Him too. The master I knew taught me how to be selfless and to love unconditionally. I may not be like Sister Clare or Sister Doris Hart. I won’t walk the same paths as them because Gos enlisted me to a different mission.

Gorgeous, I can show you the world… the line from the lyrics of my all time fave movie Aladdin. I remembered when my locker’s wallpaper was Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. What an obsession but definitely not you!!!! Live action is out!!! I hope to preview it on the big screen not only in my dreams with you. Gorgeous, you don’t mind…


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