It’s a long way to you, gorgeous❤️

4 stops in different directions. First stop, a quick painting and breakfast with my sister at my brother’s place. Thanks sis for making the milk tea! Got to go.

Second stop, late for the appointment for the baking session in my friend’s place. It was quite embarassing because I was the last one to come. Blame it to MRT shutdown. There was no train service at that station. Well, the pasta, barbecue chicken and the mushroom soup was super tasty. Then, the bread we baked was the best. Too bad I only had a quickie for dinner with sphagetti, porkchop and tea. My bad that I couldn’t stay long because I had a church meeting.

Third stop, am I the last one to come again? Well, the church was closed because today is public holiday. So, we had a good who offered her home to host our meeting and to prepare for our upcoming Saturday Catechism session. Thanks to my friend for welcoming us in her home with the warmth and hospitality. Thank you for the lime juice and cakes for midnight snacks. What a coincidence! The bag I used had this keychain on, it was what my friend that her daughter gave for teachers’ day two years ago.

Fourth stop, home sweet bed. Now, I can finally rest and be with you… in my sweet dreams… Good night and sweet dreams, gorgeous!


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