I can be your sHERO, Gorgeous

In this vast world, I am indeed a nobody but I have a magnanimous heart willing to put others’ needs before mine.

Perhaps, you are looking up at somebody shining afar in the galaxy.

Nonetheless, this nobody someday will be somebody who is someone who will always be there for you.

I have my flaws and weaknesses but I can your be your sHERO, gorgeous!

After all, I am attracted to Jesus as a teacher. Like John the Baptist, I am a catechist too. Thus, I am always find joy in the path of my choice; keep on praying for you and others as well; step on my pride instead be humble always; be the master over my weaknesses; and face the truth and spread only the truth in God’s name.

Sound, holy? I hope I am! Honestly, I’m a still very far from being one but I will do my best to fight the beasts within. After all, I am my worst enemy.

I maybe too old but I am still child-like and naive at times. Despite of that, I am still a strong and brave woman who is always ready to confront the impossible. Trust me, I can be your sHERO, gorgeous! Believe it because I am truly one!!!

It was worth coming, yesterday even it was a full day event.


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