Gorgeous, I’m more than glad you’re here!

Was I early? Nope, it was the usual and it was the least I expected. I knew too well what you were like when the sun is up. I let you be not feeling dejected because I am more than you were there. I am honoured to be the first. So, I am not grumpy (as you were) but I gave you my smile filled with true happiness of celebration.

Let’s celebrate! My heart exploded that very moment but as it always been I am very clever in hiding and suppressing what’s in there all this time. Of course, the feeling wasn’t the same but I know that you would come around. Indeed, you did… it was all enough for me. I am not insistent, needy and clingy.

I’ll remain around the corner because nothing good comes out in forcing others. Let them be… besides, I have my ways of finding little joys and entertainment. Someone as shallow as me is easily contented, fast to appreciate and quick to forgive.

Whatever there is, no matter how I I am pushed to my limits. I will choose to be for I didn’t how I used to be— not wearing the angry victim mask anymore. I am always the gentle and jolly girl, my Father raised.


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