Gorgeous, Heaven Weeps Today

On my way home, it is cloudy and suddenly it rains cats and dogs when I reached my destination. Gorgeous, after all so many tragedies happening around the globe. The Almighty must be dismayed but He doesn’t throw thunder bolts to those who did Him wrong. Well, Heaven weeps today for the coldness of so many in the world. God sends beautiful people who truly cares with clear intentions and pure hearts. Do you overlook and take them for granted? No worries, their forgiving hearts maybe taken for granted still they’ll choose not to hold grudges no matter how painful it is to bear. The angels of God are boring and misunderstood in this modern era but they still chose to carry the cross because there’s eternity and heaven after life. Reminder, the three main virtues: justice, hope and love. The greatest of them all is love. I know…


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