Gorgeous, not in a million years…

Happy Birthday, Paps!!! It’s a celebration. See, I will never ever forget. I gave a treat even faraway from home, keeping my promise to have a mass for you today. Even from a distance, I initiated a mini celebration for you. I even donated a mass celebration this evening at SVDP. We attended mass before we went out for a dinner and ice cream stop. Your celebration is complete minus you. Guess what, as it has been, it’s my treat! I don’t mind the spending as long as it’s for you.

I’ll never forget, not even million years will pass by. I loved you and forever will… you’re always alive in my heart and you never depart. I am doing my best to be with you. You know what, I messed up and almost lost my cool. What I did, I asked the kids to repeat their singing and their prayers. One child reacted, seriously!’ I replied, ‘Yes!’ We ended a bit later but I hope that the story of St John Bosco inspired them in practicing the virtues of fortitude🙏🏻


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