Gorgeous, you always knew but you chose to…

A boy told me today, “I saw you yesterday but you didn’t see me. You were so pretty!” Pretty? I was not wearing tons of make-up or had fake lashes on. Honestly, my face was even very oily, as it always been. My stuff are not branded, everything I own is on sale. I don’t have dyed blonde hair and tattoo on my back or any parts of my body. I am not vain nor narcistic, I don’t hang around FB or IG. I am naturally boring and one ordinary simpleton.

I’m glad a naive boy saw a beauty skin deep. I hope that one day he won’t grow up admiring and looking at those ‘ho’s and b*tch**!!! God knows no matter how desperate I’ll be, I’ll turn to Him so that I won’t transform into one.

Being kind is stupid and having a good heart is weak. I am told that for several times. Likewise, even if I am unhappy, I am the stupidest and the weakest of them all. A friend before she left told me that all my good deeds, kindness and generosity wouldn’t matter, be remembered and unapreciated. You always knew but you made a choice to ignore it. Indeed, it was so painful, the one who was disliked by many deserved such…. why did I ditched myself? You always did. You were the one who always pushed me away and always cut md out. I found ways to keep my distance and not to be caught with you at the same time. See, now I am not that early!!! I understand that you didn’t want to be seen around me. I don’t chase butterflies nor try so hard to walk on your shoes… like what you like…. be cool to impress… just like those too trying hards…. I AM ME!!!If that was the basis of being noticed, I didn’t want any. Indded, I’m very thankful to all of those who walked into my life… No chasing and pretensions…

I pray everyday that more than anything else I’ll have the strength to remain a beautiful person and be able to share my light to others. But, today I can’t help but be reminded what my friend told me that I AM NEVER APPRECIATED. I am good with that because it doesn’t matter. My light may fade for now and my heart is covered with darkness still I’ll continue to love life and trust my Creator.

First package received and opened when I reached home, I ordered one pair and received two. Consequences must be a joker…


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