Gorgeous, here goes my heart again!

In the middle afternoon, a child gave me a cute heart origami. (I tossed it on the keyboard of my computer, so I came up with this unintentional idea of how to composed this photo).

Oh, please, little girl! Oh my, don’t remind me. The secret is my own❤️

I will always be shy and naive. But, hey I was someone’s angel for awhile. If I am an angel, then that makes you a God. Someone I looked up to, hope for… always cherished eternally in my heart.

Well, I may be bashful to approach and make a move to any guy. All I know what to do is to remain neutral by treating everyone fairly. I am the type who has weak knees up close to you but I can surely eat a lot. Thank you for the fruit delivery. I chewed the seeds until nothing was left. The fact is having guava for breakfast was a good healthy choice. Thanks to the team for the reminder of how to start my day with a healthy lifestyle.

I slept earlier but I was just woken up from a dream of you. Oh my, gorgeous what power you must possessed… here goes my heart again!!!!

Again and again.


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