Gorgeous, I am literally wounded

Well, to come out with something, materials are useless with human will to do, ability to endure, patience to wait despite of time wasted and the effort to keep on doing despite the failures. Of course, the point is, people should realise a clay will remain a useless soil unless someone will mould and shape it into a sculpture or ornament.

Similarly, in producing 3D objects, the material and equipment won’t print by their own and operate independently. Some complicated objects may require assembling, of which the process involves sanding and scraping. Reminding me that I still haven’t found one of the blades of my hobby knife set.

Since, the printer jammed I had a little burn on my right hand while fixing the plate. While scraping one of the parts, my right index finger was suddenly bleeding. Oh my gorgeous, I was literally wounded! I didn’t make a fuss or noise about it. I wiped the blood away and went on to finish the tasks immediately. As my mama always said, come on a simple scratch is far from the stomach. It hurts but it doesn’t kill me. Moreover, I can claim the word coined in my dream. The word was ‘LEGO-cy’. In that dream someone explained to me that it’s my LEGO-legacy. Indeed, it is… a product of my blood and sweat, and my wits and creativity. Shh… don’t tell anyone, it’s our secret!

Virtues applied:

Perseverance: finishing what I started and overcoming all the obstacles. Repeating several times to get the desired outcome.

Foresight: I think carefully, gathered the info needed by equipping myself the right materials required.

Modesty: Not to score points and to get the spotlight. I didn’t show-off to everyone, always keeping my head low. I uttered those jokingly to find out what others think. Gorgeous, deep within, I know that in your heart of hearts you are fully aware that it wasn’t easy. No one will do the same because it is out of my good intent and pureness of my heart.


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