Gorgeous, when tomorrow comes

I paused to pray. I planned and prepared. Go ahead, judge me as you please…

Still up until this time…. I am preparing for my volunteer session tomorrow in the church. Reading online and published references, and of course also the session plan. Who said that I don’t jot notes manually to compose and pen down how the session goes…

Gorgeous, when tomorrow comes I am on my own but I have faith in my Creator and the gifts He bestows upon me. My response may be interpreted as rude. But I believe that I am not obliged to submit to blind obedience. I don’t pretend and I am not fake. In practicing the virtue of foresight, I am reminded to be aware and beware of the serpent. The snake is always ready to bite but I have hundreds of angels in my defence.

Gorgeous, when tomorrow comes you will comprehend my side of the story. You just don’t have any idea what were the negative words said. Despite of that, I am grateful to God for surrounding me with wonderful people who see me beyond the wrong allegations. My imperfections make me human and my mistakes teach me to correct my flaws. Whatever and however people see or judge me, one thing is certain, I don’t fake a smile… I am always true to myself.WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!!! No need to impress… staying calm and cool for I AM WHO I AM.


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