Gorgeous, even it takes time…

My first 3D object painting is a failure. Sorry, Groot for I failed you. Forgive me Gorgeous for not meeting your standards.

The 3D LEGO object of Groot took several hours to complete On printing out including the failed ones.

Finally, it was completed. Moreover, it was not the end yet. Next, I had to spray it with a primer (the odorous smell polluted my room). Afterwards, I waited patiently it to dry before I applied the acrylic paint. Oops, I needed to rush for my baking Lesson yesterday. No time to sand at all because I left my house around 3pm and went back more or less around 10.15pm. Come on, sanding wouldn’t matter at all. It was some minor step, the primer would probably the trick. Maybe, possibly…

Baking baguette and buns took was really time-consuming. Thanks to my instructor for the clarity, technique and info. Well, May 1st was indeed a Labour Day. I toiled the whole day long by painting and baking.

The bread I made wasn’t that perfect but at least I made the first step to learn.

My 3D painting was ugly but I am not discouraged. Even it takes time, I am willing and eager to learn new skills.

This Saturday, I promised my Sister that I would bake bread with our nieces.

As for my 3D object, I’ll print another one and change the filament. I’ll keep on trying until I’ll get it right.

Failure is never a hindrance for it is an inspiration to strive in learning and finding my strength. I remembered my first charcoal artwork was a mess and totally a mediocre compared to my classmates. I wanted to withdraw from the course. Then, my teacher said, ‘everyone started from the beginning even masters did.’ So, I went on even I was very slow… I may not one of the masters now but at least I took a leap to learn new things and never limited myself.

Gorgeous, even it takes time… I will go on cheerfully and I will have the courage never ever to give myself a single reason to quit.

Who’s quitting now?


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