Gorgeous, sometimes something good is bad

Last year, it was a right decision not to join my family on Good Friday because my attention was focused on my prayers and fasting. This year, I did join them and ate the local delicacy my brother prepared. We abstained from eating meat so he cooked fish for a very late dinner and I ate.

As a result… I woke up shivering at 5.20 am, the following day. I rushed to the toilet because my stomach was turning upside down. I was on bed the whole morning because my body felt being battered. I even joked at my sister stating that it was like joining the fraternity and I am being paddled. Late afternoon, I forced myself to leave the house along with my nieces and sis because a friend invited us to attend a play. I was nauseated and I vomitted in between our trips. So, on our way home, I decided to take a cab. My temperature increased so high that I was shaking and moaning at same time. My sis advised me to sleep outside. I did while I was lying on the couch, I lifted my pain to Jesus. I was sweating endlessly until morning. Alleluia! God indeed was risen, my fever did subside. I woke up hungry so I ate very early for breakfast. Afterwards, my stomach became the issue because I kept disposing liquid instead of something solid.

During the mass, I couldn’t stand for a long time because my stomach was so painful but I persevered until the end of the whole service. Thinking it was ordinary diarrhea, I bought carbon caps but it didn’t work. After my sister gave me a massage, she found out from her research that me, my brother and sister-in-law were food poisoned. Then, my sister suspected that the culprit could be the jackfruit and my sis-in-law added or it could be the fish because it didn’t look fresh.

Despite my diarrhea, I still went on with my work but the stomach discomfort were at times unbearable. Luckily, my room wasn’t that far from the restroom so it was very accessible for me specially in that situation. After work, I still attended the evening meeting and what I shared became the center of the conversation. Me and my big mouth. Prior to that, I took my sweet time to get myself a delicious dinner but all the good taste were puked and flushed into the toilet. Right after I reached home, I ran to the toilet and all the carbon tabs I took were also flushed.

This morning, the cycle was the same: nausea, vomitting and diarrhea. Sorry to all the kids I love for we’ll just miss each other today. God knows my heart doesn’t want to miss this day but I have to prioritize my health. Hence, I decided to take a medical leave to seek a professional advise.

See, gorgeous! Food is good for our body. Yet, with so little or too much or incorrect consumption it can be damaging. For sometimes something good is bad… you know too well that I have all the good intentions but everything you see in different light and unappreciated. I am not an attention-seeker, I am very homely. I don’t use mobile devices 24/7 hanging on social media prying on other people’s lives or to expose my narcism like there’s no tomorrow. I am not good in chatting but I did put an effort despite of me being scared. I can read and watch all the dating books and videos still none works for me. This is really me, I am very shy and I easily tremble inside. You think, it was easy for me but it took me tons of courage to do so…. my hands and feet were cold everytime. So, all I left is be myself. Love everything and everyone around me. Be grateful to God and to pray for you everyday.

I am never on Facebook nor on IG, I have no interesting stories. But, it’s alright. I always do interesting things for myself, others and God in closed doors. It’s not for the world to know, it is mine to keep. I don’t want the spotlight on me, as much as possible, I preferred off-cam. After all, modesty is the virtue. Most of all, I am happy… I am very very happy despite feeling sick.

Too bad, I am off from work today when I already prepared what to wear tomorrow.


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