Gorgeous, be careful with the kiss of Judas

When you cursed someone you already dug your own grave

And when you betrayed your King, you wished not to exist…

A lot of woman are sweet but are good words come out in their lips?

Some women are physically perfect in human standards but can they be trusted?


(from Psalm 69: 1-35)


Save me, God,

for the waters* have reached my neck.a


I have sunk into the mire of the deep,

where there is no foothold.

I have gone down to the watery depths;

the flood overwhelms me.b


I am weary with crying out;

my throat is parched.

My eyes fail,

from looking for my God.c


More numerous than the hairs of my head

are those who hate me without cause.d

Those who would destroy me are mighty,

my enemies without reason.

Must I now restore

what I did not steal?*



God, you know my folly;

my faults are not hidden from you.


Let those who wait in hope for you, LORD of hosts,

not be shamed because of me.

Let those who seek you, God of Israel,e

not be disgraced because of me.


For it is on your account I bear insult,

that disgrace covers my face.


Those who sit in the gate gossip about me;

drunkards make me the butt of songs.



But I will pray to you, LORD,

at a favorable time.

God, in your abundant kindness, answer me

with your sure deliverance.j


Rescue me from the mire,k

and do not let me sink.

Rescue me from those who hate me

and from the watery depths.


Do not let the flood waters overwhelm me,

nor the deep swallow me,

nor the pit close its mouth over me.


Answer me, LORD, in your generous love;

in your great mercy turn to me.


Do not hide your face from your servant;

hasten to answer me, for I am in distress.l


Come and redeem my life;

because of my enemies ransom me.


You know my reproach, my shame, my disgrace;

before you stand all my foes.


Insult has broken my heart, and I despair;

I looked for compassion, but there was none,

for comforters, but found none.


Make their eyes so dim they cannot see;

keep their backs ever feeble.


“See, you lowly ones, and be glad;

you who seek God, take heart!s


For the LORD hears the poor,

and does not spurn those in bondage.


Let the heaven and the earth praise him,

the seas and whatever moves in them!

I woke up dreaming of you. I can’t sleep again. So, I composed this instead.

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