Gorgeous, I am a servant

After mass, I was scolded for being rude by an old lady in front of my nieces. Well, my side of the story was we were waiting for a table and I was so naive in believing that in public places people are supposedly to be considerate and willing to share the space to others. I asked nicely but perhaps I was unheard. The other lady was already done with her food while the other was finishing her noodle (which was already a quarter of her plate). The place was packe because it was already dinner time. So, I made the wrong presumption that those elderly women would be done when our order would come (which was served 20 minutes later). I kept quiet with the whole ordeal, I was in shocked and numbed for being accused as one. The old ladies attended the same mass as we did since they had the same palms that we were holding. It was a public place and the area was so small and crowded. There were no other place to stand. We already asked to share a table with a willing couple but the table was so small to fit the four of us. So, we decided to wait for the two elderly women to leave the table since our other order wasn’t ready yet. If they disliked the sight my nieces standing near the table, they could have said something when I asked. The sad part was, we were following the same religion and attended the same church. Yet, what was with the foul attitude. I let it off while I was scolded, I prayed for self-control and also for the scene to end abruptly. It wasn’t my intention to be rude. I pitied my nieces for witnessing the scene. But, my sister told them not take the experience in the heart.

The priest said a meaningful message about the importance of the celebration of Lent. But are we those who kneel down and pray in the Adoration Room, and judge others outside? Are we Christians because we do not want to feel lonely and be in the Church for the sense of belongingness? Are we Christians because we are aware that without Christ we are nothing and a nobody? Do we say our grace before meals and scold people afterwards? Anyway, my faith is not based on others who judged me who know nothing of who I am. I could have apologised but I was afraid that the auntie was a war freak and scandalous woman. So, I chose to be modest and kept my silence.

Today is the celebration of Palm Sunday. During our session, we re-enacted the scene when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. Some kids said it was a gross and yucky experience. But, the message was we are called to serve others. People are welcome to judge me but no one can take away my willingness and pure intentions in serving others through my gifts and talents. I am everybody’s servant and yours too. I am a servant, abiding, humble, meek and obedient. Forgive me, Lord to cause the madness of those old ladies for whatever they felt towards me in that situation.

What is faith for me?

My faith is shaped by my culture.

It is sharpened by my encounters and experiences (whether bad or good).

Above all, it is strenghtened by…

my hunger and thirst of the Holy Spirit,

…my undying love for Jesus

…my strong desire and hope to be with my Creator in Heaven one day


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