Gorgeous, the Purity of thy Heart Always Matter!

My sister was apologetic, she thought that I might be upset. It was no one’s fault. I gave her my sweetest smile and I exclaimed, “I need to draw for tomorrow’s session. I’ll tell the kids the story of St Maria Goretti.”

Do I feel bad? Of course not, I rejoice at other’s success and follow the Almighty. I am a servant, humble and meek. The acts and I did for everyone else is out of the goodness of my heart. No need for praises and recognition. I serve out the purity and goodness of my heart. I know too well that the God whom I obey and serve won’t punish anyone. If He does, then He’s not my God at all! My God is forgiving, loving and merciful. I am grateful to Him and pray that I may remain in goodness.

Thank you for the brief loud songs and also for lending me what I mindlessly forgotten.