Gorgeous, there are no conditions

Beyond the fuzzy horizon and in the time not under my control, I am the victim and victimizer of my mishaps and undoings. The consequences of my imperfections may break or seal bonds still I don’t want to be astray anymore. So, borrowing the Almighty’s forbearance, I walk the path of light that is somehow the road less traveled.

Whether I am with or not with someone, I pray to God to shape me like a Proverbs 31 woman, who is virtuous and kind-hearted. Someone who takes care and can be entrusted of the key of someone special’s heart. What makes my love unconditional? I deeply care even if you overlook my presence for several instances. I am contented of those stolen glimpses because I don’t have to force something that can be given freely. You did me wrong for several instances, I forgave not because it was my obligation as a Christian but it came from the overflowing love and mercy of my heart. I remain generous of my blessings and time even if it isn’t necessary. I surpress my lust and desires because I respect your decision and value as a beautiful person as the most gorgeous creation of God. Even if you choose to keep distance and shut up, I remained to be true and didn’t beg for attention because you don’t chase and cage a lovely butterfly for it is born to be free… free to explore and enjoy the adventures of the world. No hassles and strings attached. It seems unthinkable, the reason why I still hold you dearly within even you despise and provoke me, and despite a thousand times of indifference and ingratitude. For afer all, no matter what I do, I am always be me and that’s who I am. To sum up, the situation doesn’t make me the loser instead it is my opportunity to be grounded on my faith and virtues.

We all have speck of dusts, which cover our eyesight to see clearly. When the coast is clear, you’ll realise that I make sense all this time. I won’t quit nor give up easily. I believe and trust in God’s time. My hands maybe so little but I can handle and accomplish many things for you, others, myself and for God.

It’s a long day indeed… Another informative and insightful talk with Father Garcia….


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