Gorgeous, I thank thee

In the den of the snake, there are still notable people and also exists the epitome of cool, the most gorgeous of them all.

Isn’t today the same as the other day? Not really, some slight difference and I thank thee.

St Raphael, thy angel, I am indeed no match to all of them. In the vanity contest, I will surely not make it at the bottom list because I won’t certainly qualify. Insecurity or inferiority? Nope, I am just being true to myself. When everyone is fighting for the top spot, I kneel down and pray because I believe in myself and the Divine. Hilarious for some! But, this is the way I am.

I am the girl who grew up sheltered by father’s shield. Not allowed to do sports and other masculine related activities. Yet, what my father didn’t that I was climbing trees and I enjoyed hiking and nature trekking during summer holidays. I admit that I have poor muscle cooordination and I am very clumsy but it never stopped me to take some extra and hidden adventures while growing up. I can’t sing and dance for timing is very lousy but my limited skills never stopped me from enjoying the music to entertain so many and for my stress relief.

I thank thee for reminding me that my age isn’t my limitation and my race isn’t my hindrance. I am as beautiful as everyone else. Deep within, I am the same girl who loves life and capable in doing things despite my flaws and hindrances. I thank for that presence, it might not the same as I imagined and fancied…. dreams are super extra in details…

I thank thee for existing within for in my deepest secret, I always believe and wanting to take care of you.


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