My Lullaby, Solely Yours 😄❤️🎵🎶🤒

Are you okay? Obviously not

So many tasks but willing to help

Not minding the extra weight

I pity and care, extending a hand

Do you have anything to eat?

Finding out your love sickness

Like a death sentence and my end

Hey, gorgeous! You just don’t know

My heart in illness too, where are you?

I can’t get you out from my head!

Worrying so much for your well-being

If only I can do more rather than be here

To alleviate my distress, I sing and pray

My voice doesn’t sound like an angel

May my melody reaches your bed

Gorgeous, my lullaby, solely yours

The song from my heart, composed by my soul

Take care, my love virus has healing power

By Jay Chou “Silence” 安靜 An jing

我真的沒有天份 / wo zhen de mei you tian fen / I really do not have the talent
安靜的沒這麼快 / an jing de mei zhe me kuai / To be silent this fast

是因為我太愛你 / shi yin wei wo tai ai ni / It is because I love you too much