Not Today Satan 👿

Honestly, after reading the message clearly, my defensive nature took over me. My pride skyrocketed to the point my brain said ‘slap whoever with your grades!’ Too bad, I am a changed woman now instead of giving in to the character assassination, I was humbly apologetic for my stupidity due to my nonsense misunderstanding. What I thought was no big deal was others way of destroying me. I was sorry because I didn’t want to disappoint those people who had high respect and trust on me.

I was told that we worked for the glory of God. Now for what they were doing to me would God do the same? I was told to be Jesus to others… please, the Jesus I knew wouldn’t do the same. The God and Jesus I believe in will never do such shallow moves.

Look at me, I am already old but I am wearing high heels! I wore fancy cheap clothes and on sale bags!!! I have thick voice that sounded angry and unintentionally noisy. Who would believe over someone who is good in talking and the opposite? I am left in the dark and my music comfort me.

One child told me today, ‘I am very excited to come here!’ The joys of those children reminded me of the reason why I chose to stay. Unstained innocence of those little cherubim took me for awhile to the silent hell that Satan’s cunning minion is slowly building.

Not today Satan! You can convince the higher authorities in destroying me to cover your failures and messy tracks. I hope you have a joyous life because I know that I am. (Just contented with my silent affection to my gorgeous)

It has arrived! It is not yet the 9th. My birthday present was on sale. So, I grabbed the opportunity instantly. I didn’t expect it would deliver very fast!!!! Thank you Lord for the 78% sale because I was able to buyers myself my birthday present. Happy birthday to me!!! Hallelujah that I made lively and lovely!!! It doesn’t matter that I age! Besides, why will number worry me!!!

See, Satan! Not today!!! Better try your luck tomorrow.

When the devil turned out to be me😂 😝 😆 LOL

Evil people have no songs

In the midst of all criticisms and discriminations, I sang a song. Indeed, thank you for the music. I just calm down myself quietly. No one can bring down a great man. Thank you gorgeous for the naughtiness and the indirect efforts of diverting what was really happening….

If people want to talk let them—

Gosh, did I forget to notice the hair?