I’m As Delicate As You

INSULTED that was it all about

Misconception: NOT IN BAD MOOD

Was I a fly or a mosquito?

Shoo away! Not an animal!

I’m a woman, couldn’t you see?

Why must be treated that way?

Don’t have contagious disease

Not disturbing nor stalking

I thought that I saw a friend

Was being a friend had location?

Refresh your memory, please

Didn’t I help you with that thing

Not yours but you did for others?

Did I share a little of mine?

Concerned for skipping meal

The ridicule was on me again

Ignoring the body shaming

All about the fun not the pain

I was there blindly, unintenionally

Didn’t you went ahead of time?

Out of nowhere, you appeared

Coincidence, wasn’t it?

I am as delicate as others!

At times, be considerate too

Gorgeous, I’m as delicate as you!!!

You don’t know me OUT THERE

So, I get used to not existing

For the one who is unknown

Pure and true, LOVES U THE MOST!!!



Wherever I am and wherever I go

My friends are my friends

There’s a joy in meeting any anywhere

Thank you for spoiling my good tidings!

(People across the globe have different beliefs, culture and values. A woman treated as awful as such is considered as the enemy and eye sore to the society for various reason such as: the invidual has no proper hygiene, degrading morals or low dignity, perform evil practices, with obviouss skin diseases like leprosy, and suspected or diagnosed with HIV and other contagious diseases? Which was which? I was made to feel have everything. ALL IN!!!)

By Taylor Swift “Delicate”