Answered: No more DOUBTS

It is the last evening of the Christmas Novena mass in preparation of the Advent. Finally, I made it to the 9th night at Yishun in the Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea.

Will you doubt it like Zechariah? Trust in Him and DOUBT NO MORE!!! If you have doubts, you are…

D- Devil Dwells in you.

Having doubts is allowing weaknesses and wickedness rule over your life. It depletes your faith, and the devil has the last laugh… will you let the devil reign upon you.

O – Obstacles become impossible to Overcome.

You will feel forsaken by everyone and the trials keep on coming. Surely weakened by shortcomings. Thus, obstacles in all your desires will be your made cell wherein there’s no way of getting out.

U – Ugliness and Unhappiness

Indeed, you only look at your flaws and imperfections. You will feel ugly and your innermost feelings will be seen at your outward appearance. Then, no vanity, makeup and filter can satisfy you… even surgery can’t make you feel joyful… Hence, ugliness within will darken your soul causing unhappiness in your life.

B – Bound to the Bed of thorns

As your doubts eating you, you’ll feel paralysed… trusting no one at all. Bound to the bed of thorns where you sleep in the darkened room. Despite, what you accomplished, you only feel worthless abs wounded inside.

T – Tales of Lies

The truth will be unknown for you are blinded by doubts. Therefore, you only listen to the whispers of the devil that keeps you pushing beneath the depths of your depressed hearts. The devil will chant believable tales of lies pulling you away from thy Saviour.

S – Sleeplessness or the choice to Sleep forever

When doubts take over, sleeplessness can bother anyone. Then, no medication nor medical professionals can come to your aid. Sadly, some choose a bitter end… a choice to sleep forevermore abandoning the blessed life God has given to all of us. I was watching Marilyn Monroe’s documentary after mass. It’s sad how she ended her life despite of the limelight’s and success… she’s one of the many…

Food was provided after the mass… God isn’t selfish and I know He hears me… He’s not blind to my selflessness. God is watching and taking good care of you because I always keep you in my prayers, gorgeous…



Fun! Fun! Apps can do many wonders to deceive people… This time, feel free to DOUBT the pics in social media.. BEWARE OF BEING CATFISH!

Expectation: Adorable anime character

Reality: Plain and home buddy Gen (thanks to good lighting, the photo above doesn’t look that bad)


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