Sincerely Yours,

Howdy, mi amore!! Still hopelessly devoted to you even if your from a distant because you never deserted my heart. Every morning and night, I say a little prayer for you. The fact is, I don’t really get the millennials styles for I’m stuck in my old school ways. I always care and you’re the number one in my mind…. However, you never bother to notice or at least let me in— Even if I wanted to bother you, I just kept things to myself because I’d rather keep quiet knowing your having the time of your life. Keep it up!

The mission trip in Cambodia was unexpected to me. It turned out to be relaxing and convenient… I had a good rest and was acquainted to wonderful people. At the end of it all, I felt inner peace and contentment. Honestly, the people I was with for a week didn’t need me because it was me who needed them more to discover my real self once more.

I didn’t sign up to paint. I was only proud showing the outputs of the kids when we did the garbage art. Then, one of the organisers thought I am an artist for she also saw my drawing as my WhatsApp profile photo. She requested me to assist two of the brothers to do the mural. I came unprepared, the paint brushes for details were not ideally used for wall painting. If only I’ve known beforehand, I should have brought my brushes.

This time round, I drew for a purpose… I received acknowledgements and praises. Six years ago, I was motivated to paint because of someone I used to know. The person even encouraged me and it made me feel that I was the better option. I got the highest mark and that person was the first to know. At that point, my artworks revolved around that individual but nothing really mattered at all. Then, literally and figuratively the strongest earthquake and typhoon came to my country and also to me personally. I was all shattered then and the pain never left me.

This year, I tried to paint again because of my loss… Only then when I was in Cambodia, that I realised how selfish I was been because I only made use of my skills for my satisfaction.

Art in any forms are meant to be shown and not to be kept. Its beauty isn’t meant to be hidden but share to others to bring little delights in their hearts. In addition, it also occurred to me that people could destroy me but none of them could take everything from me. I kept looking at my artwork, it wasn’t the best but it awakened the lonely and troubled girl in me to cheer up and face the music courageously.

Hey, gorgeous! I hope you’ll let me paint a portrait of you not in secret anymore just to make me happy but for you to appreciate and also bring joy to you… The reason behind the present: I support the sleeping and smoking and nothing religious with the accessory, it was bought to support a fund raising of the sisters. There were non-believers millennials who bought such for fashion and so I thought to get one to accent your looks. It was a quick shopping and the keychains with nail clipper usage, so I thought that those were really handy and useful for everyone do trim their nails from time to time. The last one, was for the fun of it… refill!!! Oh my! I disappointed people with my thoughtfulness and awful singing. Feliz navidad!!! I always keep you in my prayers as promised.

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