I Dare Me

Believe me for the truth is in my eyes

Move closer, let me smell your scent!

The fragrance of yours, drive me mad

Faraway you go but I’m always here

Keeping your thoughts within mine

What should I trade to hold your hand?

What’s the price to pay to have you near?

God knows my intentions are pure

My conscience is as clear as crystal

My heart is always and forever true

In the silence of my quiet chamber

I dare me to delete you from my system

The more I attempted to get rid of you

My feelings uncontrollably grow each day

Gorgeous, how to say I miss you badly?

(I dared myself too in posting awful artworks of mine… for the first time in forever… just for the fun of it despite the yucks and ews… . So, horrible and disgusting… well, I can be daring too for the sake of art not to draw attention. These artworks were made possible using PicsArt’s magic effects. It’s really fun to use for I transformed my boldness to intriguing pieces for your eyes only.)

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