Shallow Waters Are Noisy

At the end of the day, I am still the happiest person ever existed!

This is me, just saying to get over the undesirable talks that I heard from someone I trusted and looked up the most…

Psst… Don’t talk and leave things as they are… what is done already happened. Make noise to kick others out and make yourself be the hero. Make noise to save your ass and tell the world how heavy is your load… After all, it is the survival of the fittest… how long?

Hence, I now fully understand, what’s with surprise abrupt exit. Sir, I feel you now and thank you for being grateful even if I knew you briefly. If only I could do the same but I cannot leave just like that with what I owed to God.

Less than a year ago, I asked someone who went down from the ladder why, “someday you will know…” was his response. The biggest OUCH coz now I just don’t know but I am not counted just like that… BIASES AND ALL— only God can judge me!

The quote that someone I used to know is suitable to this… “shallow waters are noisy…” Indeed, I know right!!!

How can you get over with something dearest to you and the reward is the hurting words because others may be silent but they can talk negativities behind your back. Come on, let’s make a difference…

I made this choice because I always have the heart to be with others and to share authentic joy that no money can buy.

A word that I learned from a young man today, “selflessness” over (self-) pity.

Be strong, fear not! Here is your God . . . he comes to save you. (Isaiah 35:4)

I’m happy that I said yes and tagged along. Now, I’m at peace and resting…. days will pass, those words won’t haunt me anymore.


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