The Death of Me

Must die… Must die… Kill the beast!

It’s not a question of who but what. Face it, most of us have our Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde moments. Doble Cara at times, the beauty and the beast tandem inside.

Indeed, my brain is the playground of the devil causing my own aches. The pessimism and inferiority complex destroy how I deal with others. I am my unbeatable foe, but that has to change because I am created and nurtured with love.

It’s tough to murder the part of me that I am blindly aware to co-exist with me. The part of me who lives in doomsday must be pulled to the light.

Whatever was said I won’t let it affect me or bring me down. For I absolutely certain that enjoy and love what I am doing. No one has the right to take my blessings. HISTORY WON’T REPEAT BY ITSELF! I am told with so many truths but I listened to whom I foolishly trusted. Didn’t I ask for assurance? After I was used, it was easily to say such…

Despite that, I will not stop doing my best!!!! So, I must kill me to give birth of a new beginning. Similar to a caterpillar who’ll die in its cocoon; then, will reborn to become a beautiful butterfly.

This time I’ll find meaning to all my experiences. Lesson learned not all who claimed to follow Jesus see no race but actually protecting their kind.


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