Here I Am

Love is a luxury I cannot afford

Little pleasures can delight me

Yet, in the muteness of my heart

‘Here, I am… will you notice me?”

It’s sad that I sound awful to you

In many times of my lifetime

The loudness of my voice is my asset

Don’t know how to mimic cuteness

To win and impress all the guys

“Here I am… will you probably see?

I can be like them too, you never tried

It took me courage to do what I did

Only to agitate you and hate me more

I know others don’t lie and pretend

And children are innocently honest

‘Here I am as a rare as a diamond

Sparkling the brightest among all gems!’

Lord, I am grateful that others are ecstatic

You know too well that it can be me…

The universe will speak on my behalf

Lead the path for the one who’s always true

Never fading… timeless and never ending


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