My Vanity Fair

I’m sick but I already promised my Friend that I will come. So, I put a little makeup on…

What???? Too much editing and filter that I don’t recognise myself. The outcome is horrendous and out-of-this-world. (Haha Meitu app brings out the unrealistic side of me. 😂 LOL)

So, what’s my age??? With correct angle, good lighting and a little smile, and a light makeup on…. I can cheat my age. See, no facelift and botox required!!! (It’s about the camera tricks. The only one who can take beautiful photos of myself is only me).

And here, I’m ready to party!!! (My recycled attire, shoes courtesy of my sis-in-law)

Thanks to my friends for the delicious food, gift and good time. Thanks for inviting me!!!

Off to bed now…facial mask to relax my exhausted face with all the sleepless nights (of coughing).


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