Don’t Drink…

My superstitious friend used to warn me

A logical friend’s reminder, ‘trust no one’

Sweet snacks gave me a slight sore throat

Rudeness spoiled my day, chocolates saved me!

Was yesterday’s meal bad for my health?

Or was there something in that drink?

After an hour of being fit and losing calories

Puking the drink recently poured in my system

All was well and I rested home in solitude

Suddenly, my body’s heat was rising rapidly

Self-medication with hot bath and a lot of water

The next day, I was off from my work

Something was wrong but I couldn’t explain

No check-up, I only requested for a flu vaccine

Perfectly fine after, I did a little shopping

Suddenly, my voice sounded really awful

I am coughing so hard and bought medicine

So many sleepless nights, my Panda eyes!!!

The doctor told me to rest for two more days…

Be healthy for I am off for a Mission

No disease should defeat my will to serve

Yet, it made me stop and think for a minute

Was there really something in the drink?

Silent jealousy, hidden hate at its brink

If you’re watching ’48 Hours Mystery’, ‘Behind Mansion Wall’, ‘Dateline’, ‘Deadly Women’ and ‘True Crimes’

You’ll get the hint with what I mean

Coincidence maybe or it’s my guts talking

Be warned for the wolf may be on a sheep’s skin!


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