Fly Away, Gorgeous!

The bird that I cherished the most

The one, I let off to the world

To be with its kind and explore more

Be drunk with the thrills of youth

Have fun with all sorts of mate


Don’t only learn but gain wisdom

Don’t just hear but always listen

Don’t only touch but feel deeper

Don’t only see but perceive beyond

Not the brain all the time for you also have a heart!


What you think is right can be wrong

Gorgeous, the earth is very vast

Fly away, my sweet gorgeous, fly!

When you’re exhausted with the flight

Remember that I will never leave your side


My soul won’t age, my heart won’t get tired

God knows, it hurts knowing it can be me

It’s painful because I want to be there

Yet, I don’t want to tame and cage you

True love is selfless, unconditional and timeless

I’ll just find the joy in waiting

Trust in the will of the Divine

Finding comfort in my unsent love letters

Plenty lovely, young and carefree out there

Not all for keeps nor forever loyal

Knowing me, certainly you know what I mean…