From the Sweetest to the Darkest

I am a fan of Sabrina in the Archie comics even until it was shown in tv. I watched all the episodes. Sabrina portrayed by Melissa Joan Hart was flamboyant, bubbly and smart. It was all about the humour and magic.

Well, Netflix did again! After, a decade of resting from TV, Sabrina is back.

I watched the first season’s 10 episodes. The whole gang is also back but I missed the voice of Salem. Why Salem isn’t talking.

Well, the new Sabrina shows the dark side of Greendale and the world of witches. This time round isn’t in the studio. The cinematography and shots are terrific. Well, it’s like Halloween on TV, the scare and horror are on…

Don’t expect to have a good laugh… be scared and be thrilled!!!

The old Sabrina is the sweetest gal in school. The new Sabrina after signing her name in the Book of the Beast was reborn and become the most powerful witch of her generation.