Harsh Winds

Wasn’t it agreed and spoken?

A man should have his word of honour

Otherwise he’s like the butterflies of nowhere

While butterflies flirting with the flowers

I am up completing my tasks

Butterflies leap from flower to flower

Throwing shades and blowing harsh winds

No explanations needed and be defensive

Fulfilling my obligations and kept my words to others

Cruelty to the max, a real man should not

Maybe like a butterfly drawn to the rainbow

Is heart colourful or tainted with black?

It is quick for people to judge

What do they know that’s partly mine??

I don’t show off and announce my deeds

I know my preference and never confused

Thus no harsh winds can blow me away

I am grounded with the strength of the Almighty

What goes around comes around

Do not do unto others what u don’t want others to do unto u