My Lollipop Boy

I was told that I should be the one kicked out. Even if it was a joke, it wasn’t funny…

After all the hard work and all that I started… my extra miles… none was appreciated! I’m only seen as someone frustrating and annoying because I wanted what is the best to be implemented and everything maximised and utilised. I wanted rules to be set and everything in placed.

I was supposed to finalise my painting for the kids in the church but my fear is getting the best of me.

Yet, as I was about to sleep I saw the lollipop a student gave me. He was not in my class but he really bought one for me. I am so overjoyed for the innocent thoughtfulness because in his heart the efforts I made did make a count.

Then, during my last class for the day. I told my students that it was already our last for the year. Most of them exclaimed ‘I or we will miss you!’ One girl gave me a hug saying she would miss me. One of them said, ‘can I stay for awhile? I don’t want to go because I will miss you.’

I am certain that those kids were not saying those words to flatter me. I could sense the innocence and sincerity in them. I’m grateful because in the eyes of the child I made a difference. Hence, all my efforts are not really wasted at all…