Can’t get over u😍😘❤️😇

Lord, that manly scent so close and that K-pop hairstyle! Forgive me, I meant not to commit sins in my thoughts. I don’t want to close my eyes for my fantasies might burn my flesh to hell! Now, I fully understood that there’s an advantage of being unknown and unseen coz staying hidden is a safe place for both of us….

I’ll bring you to my pardise into the kingdom reserved for you. I’ll avow that it’s more than heaven above cloud nine. Hopefully, one day, my exclusive dreams and genuine desires won’t be just blown by the winds of time.

I dreamt that I was barefooted running somewhere… I was not alone for it took two tango. Of course, the music turned the beatings of the hearts… that look drove me nuts! Should I thank God it was all in my head? Hay! What dreams may truly come?

Most people who knew me presumed that I only wear high heels and stilletos. What people don’t know that there are teenage wishes in me that never grow old? These are one of those the brands of sneakers that I wanted to have in my tender years. Well, I’m indeed too old for Hannah Montana, no question about that!!! Who cares??? If I can’t get over being hooked with material stuff, the more I can’t get over with someone as gorgeous as you are❤️😍😘Who gives a—- So what? IDGAF!!! Haters gonna hate!!! I don’t really care!!! Besides, I am absolutely happy, always grateful and very contented!!! It’s up for you to see me too, gorgeous! It’s up to you😘😚😋😉