At the corner of the world

If I’ll put all those series of dreams into words,

A beautiful story will be born for everyone

Not only to ignite the imagination of the dead

But to awaken sleeping hearts hopeless in love

For we exist not only to survive and be the victors

On this winding road, at the highway of nowhere

We found each other on the web of no escape

None of us is divine, we can be friends and foes

Yet, at the corner of the world, far from your reach

Dwelling all by myself, comforted by your thoughts

I could only be my old school ways and hibernate

For living in the wild where I used to be before

Indirectly hurting the ones who owed me nothing

The guilt tortured me, my sensitivity at its brink

Only my tears became my comfort in isolation

I’d rather be discreet and unknown from the rest

At the corner of the world, anonimously yours

Scribbling sweet love letters unsent to your mail


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