Batman is No Saint But He Saved Me😉😇

This morning I was up very early to say my prayers to all the great men and women of God. I recalled last Saturday when I shared to the kids the stories of few saints. It never occurred to me that I would be a storyteller again. Actually, I am not really confident with how I pronounced some words using a foreign language. Besides, I sounded awful…. Moreover, I was probably convincing and brought the saints life stories real to the kids. Well, I thought that I am only a storyteller to my younger cousins and siblings during my tender age. But who I am naturally came out effortlessly.

Then, last night I sent to the parents of the children in my session a message reminding them to bring their children along for ‘All Saints’ Day’ mass this evening. I was rushing to make it for the 6pm mass because I wanted to make it while the church’s office was opened so that I could donate in honour of my Papa and twin grandmas for tomorrow’s mass.

On my way to the church, a girl who used to be in my session was in same bus with me. Then, a boy who was also in my session last year, I met when I was waiting for my turn in the washroom. After the mass, a bashful girl ran towards me with her younger sister to greet me ‘Happy All Saints’ Day!’ Hence, I am so grateful for the good deeds I did and the opportunities to serve the Almighty.

Nevertheless, some people mocked and misjudged religion. This morning I was reading the comments in one of the episodes of ‘Deadly Women’, which were negative impressions about religion. One commenter stated, ‘how come there were a lot of religious people involved in murders’. Well, the comment was illogical and no statics proof. For me, the person should watch all ‘Deadly Women’ episodes to uncover that in the show they feature a lot of female killers from different walks of life who experienced various mental and emotional turmoils. Another added that religious people have low IQ. For me, one’s intellect is not basis of faith. There’s nothing erroneous with religion but too much of it can lead to undesireable consequences. Please, stop using religion for personal interests and gains.

Well, the bottom line of everything that I wouldn’t manage to get through today smoothly without Batman’s help. Guilty as charged. Captain America is always my favourite but thank you very much Batman. Indeed, Batman is not a saint but he saved me today! See, you don’t have to be a saint or constant churchgoer to be a good Samaritan to others. I am grateful of the gesture and darkness’ knight made my day.

Sometimes we ceased and refused to perceive each other’s goodness. Yet, there are situations schemed by God to let us be who we really are… We are all beautiful people!!! Batman is the most gorgeous among all superheroes…. Right, gorgeous? My most heartfelt thanks…